Menu components categorize and provide a path to visitors on the website as well as application users on various contents available. While they serve an important purpose in the navigation, its their layout that makes the first impression on users. Since the menu is the kind of first thing that user will have to pass through for navigation, special attention is required in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the web as well as mobile-friendly layout. To make things easier this article deals with more than 25 examples on the mobile menu featuring functionality, appearance and behaviours.

There a number of styles to choose for a menu. Some would prefer a top sticky header while sidebar is popular among mobile applications. It depends on what your application or website is trying to offer before selecting one.

We intend to help you clear your confusion with different implementation and styles for each with examples on menu design.

Amazing CSS Mobile Menu Example with Source Code: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Thanks to all amazing artist and web designers that came up with some amazing menu components design so that we were able to write this article today. In these examples, there are primarily use of CSS, HTML and javascript while some has only used CSS for achieving pure CSS menu component.


Without further ado lets start today’s journey on 25+ examples of mobile navigation menu with css, html and javascript.

1. Pure CSS mobile nav animation

The first one on the mobile menu examples shows the cool transition between side bar and the actual contents. Not something out of this world but you can choose how the mobile contents make space when user decides to check on navigation menu. You choose from pushing the content back and then a bit towards right or simply slide to right. If you’re looking for further magic then you can choose to dissolve the contents while making side bar appear and vice versa.

css mobile menu examples

Demo | Code

2. Mike’s Magical Mobile Mega Menu

The css mobile menu we have here is magical in the sense that once you allocate a certain area for the menu, its entire generation is going to stay there. Talk about loyalty here. Menu component as well as all child components overlap the previous elements. Moreover, with each child menu selection, the menu background gets darker. Although we won’t have complete track of navigation history the background color shows how deep we are in the navigation.

mobile menu example with css and javascript

Demo | Code

3. Mobile menu

Side bar may seem as somewhat secondary or of least importance when compared to top header menu. However, its extremely expensive to use a sticky header. There’s already less space in mobile screen and having a lengthy scrollable contents might upset users. So we have a solution in terms of toggle top menu header that makes space utilization efficient as well as makes menu components special.

top toggle mobile menu example

Demo | Code

4. Mobile menu, CSS only

If you’re looking for a true power of css the have a look at mobile menu example below. The navigation option in the form of menu itself is has a great layout with css that’s popular among a number of mobile applications. Besides that with tilt view it also serves the purpose of advertising and demonstration. You might have seen big companies like Samsung or Apple present their flagship phone in such fashion. It adds extra dynamics to already a great device.

Mobile menu amazing example

Demo | Code

5. Mobile Navigation Animation using GSAP

Searching is less likely to be an interesting thing to do. Unless of course if you’re searching for a real treasure. While we may not be able to valuate every contents on web and mobile to be of same level what we can do is make navigation much interesting. If you’re looking for inspiration we will give you one in this mobile navigation menu example which makes use of html, css and javascript. Animation involves step wise appearance and disappearance of menu component along with animation pointer on hover.

Mobile navigation animation

Demo | Code

6. Apple style mobile menu

If you’re an apple fan looking of implementation of its menu style then this one’s dedicated for you. You can create an amazing mobile navigation menu option that appears as a slider from top using html, css and javascript. Not only for mobile but layout goes well with web application and websites as well.

apple menu example using html, css and javascript

Demo | Code

7. Mobile Menu Animation CSS

Anyone looking for animation options beyond just simple hover effect and step wise appearance / disappearance? This animation mobile menu gives an extra level of animation than the previous few menu animations you might have seen. While the later part of slowly step wise appearance is similar to most examples its the earlier transition part that makes the whole difference. Its like the mobile layout is changing its clothes in order to present itself on new occasion.

Menu Animation CSS

Simply explaining the effect it compresses the present layout by force coming diagonally and then the same force expands along with menu layout.

Demo | Code

8. Mobile Menu Concept

Most of the applications focus on either top or side menu components while completely ignoring the fact that footer are also equally important. User may go through all the contents and then seek for next options which can be easily dealt with footer menu component. While you may still prefer top and side menu for inclusion of main navigation components, footer menu should be like climax of a movie. They can include price plans for products or contact options so that you can extend some time with viewers.

Footer mobile menu example

Demo | Code

9. Mobile Menu Widget

On the list of mobile menu examples we bring one of the most common layout with inclusion of hamburger icon other font icons. The popular comes with the presence of a toggle menu that shows up side bar menu as necessary. Moreover, with font icons navigation becomes even easy. The vertical indicator gives a better insight on navigation status as well.

Mobile Menu Widget

Demo | Code

10. Mobile Nav

We just discussed the similar mobile menu examples above. The only difference is in terms of layout with plain block of components. In addition without any indicator only hover effect on menu components indicate on present selection. A simple and ready to go menu with any basic mobile friendly website with html, css and javascript to explain it in a best way.

Mobile Nav

Demo | Code

11. Mobile Menu Style

Just few mobile menu examples ago we told you that just a basic transition effect can make a whole lot difference. While by now you might have mastered the art of toggle menu buttons the example below if for an extra transition effect. These effects give amazing rendering result. Remember the fruit ninja game? You can make your website and mobile application like that with swift swapping ninja menu components after mastering html, css and javascript ofcourse.

Mobile Menu Style

Demo | Code

12. App Navigation

Do you like the recent app history layout when you press recent button on you mobile device? Not apple but android layout in present case. If so you’ll like this menu layout as well. The layout involves a set of menu components arranged like a deck of cards from the pack itself. While each of the navigation menu component uses full width, mobile contents shifting themselves as a responsive css feature can be of help.

App Navigation

Demo | Code

13. Animated Accessible Navigation

The next one on mobile menu examples is for you if you are a fan of animated loaders. Unlike previous examples, the animation doesn’t come from either of horizontal or vertical sides rather from a corner. How a color spreads on a piece of tissue if you leave a marker attached at its end, this animation works in same manner. Menu toggle button on the top right corner fills the screen with custom layout and navigation option. While initial rendering is in this fashion, reverse action is just a quick shifting of layout upwards. Talk about quick clearance after so much effort on constructing.

Animated Accessible Navigation

Demo | Code

14. Mobile menu slider prototype

How cool applications become when are in line with natural laws. It makes users feel that they are not in any virtual world rather they are living in a real one. While we will cover a lot more on these topics in coming days we have a simple pendulum layout for mobile menu using css. The toggle button simply shifts the content layout which seems to be hanging on some pivot. This allows the hidden menu components to come out blowing mind of viewers

mobile navigation example with pendulum effect using css

Demo | Code

15. Mobile Menu – CSS

Mobile menu with css is like turning light on and off with a simple button. The major advantage of this layout is that its very simple requiring few lines of css code. However, it may vary on the basis of website requirements and number of navigation option that you would like to include. Nevertheless if you wish to implement this navigation menu option as mobile friendly layout then make sure to use pleasant choice of colors.

mobile menu example

Demo | Code

16. Mobile Menu Animation

With some css and javascript you can get an amazing animation effect for mobile navigation menu option. Particularly, this one takes inspiration of a box which compresses a number of components within it and releases all at once when opened. Like a prank box for an example. An arc container with hamburger icon keeps hold of all until you wish to release them by a click. Another click on cross icon and like a magnet attracting iron components they layout compresses under the arc again.

mobile navigation example

Demo | Code

17. SVG mobile tab bar

Unlike few of the menu indicators we have seen over a series of articles, we present a mobile menu bar which actually shows the transition relation between the menu components. Mobile application is the primary implementation area while it also goes well with websites. The animation effect includes a ribbon making circle around the current selection. While shifting from one tab to another the circle doesn’t just magically disappears and appears. It releases it circle formation and moves toward current selection and then making a circle. Talk about adjustment with pleasant effects.

mobile navigation menu with animated indicator

Demo | Code

18. Menu with scroll & hover effects

The menu is the content itself here mostly suitable for review and suggestion sites and applications. Initially we were not sure whether this example would fit in ratings article or hover effect or both. Since its so dynamic and feature packed it makes a relation with most of our previous articles. Your scrolling action is a wind effect for this menu layout as it almost blows out from initial position. Thanks to hanger that they stick around while you are done navigating.

mobile menu along with rating css

Demo | Code

19. Mobile Menu Design #3

The mobile design that hides in a microscopic level and shows up when in need just like a superhero. The preview and layout is more of a pop up advertising rather than a casual menu design. So along with menu if you wish to allow some ads on you site or application then this single design will work out perfectly for you.

simple mobile menu animation

Demo | Code

20. Mobile menu #2

Alert: If you want users to focus on your content more than playing with menu layout then don’t use this menu example. Still here after the warning? then I believe you must in search of a playful navigation option fro your website or application. If you’re site offers child friendly contents then this could be a top pick for your site. What this menu design offers is that unsettled menu components and icons just like vibrating molecules or a Mexican wave. This layout is destined to be hot among children viewers.

Mobile menu sidebar css

Demo | Code

21. Responsive navigation mobile menu toggle

While the previous mobile menu was for relatively younger audience, this is more of a business class. They mean business more than entertainment so the layout doesn’t contain any fancy color combinations just some plain classic menu touch. The menu slides down after clicking on a couple of angular bracket symbol. There’s nothing much to go crazy for but just a responsive feature that all websites should consider.

mobile navigation with css and javascript

Demo | Code

22. Mob. Menu Only CSS

The mobile menu with css only is a slowly rendering navigation option. This means that the toggle button results each menu component to render in a sequence of steps one after another. You may be familiar with a cool auto type animation effect seen in a number of websites. This maybe considered as cousin of similar for menu components.

mobile navigation menu with css

Demo | Code

23. Pure CSS Navigation Simple & Easy

Its a simple mobile menu among other examples for navigation using html and css only. Talking about the behavior and layout of the mobile menu, the menu container slides down from top on click of toggle button. However, to slide back the menu container you can press on any area outside. The toggle button is present along with horizontal bar as a sticky header. Therefore always allowing navigation option for the users.

mobile navigation css

Demo | Code

24. Minimal Responsive Menu (Pure CSS)

The menu option that we see here is like a tab components present in a header container. Its just a simple layout minimizing all complexity for the websites preferring to keep things straight and simple.

Minimal Responsive Menu

Demo | Code

25. Mobile Menu Icon Toggle Animation

We have covered an entire article on a number of toggle buttons to make your website and application more interactive. While you can see all the details from the article let’s just stay on the basic concept of the example. Initially we have a hamburger icon represented by three lines aligned horizontally. As you click on the menu icon it rearranges itself to form a cancel button. So you can say its the animated showcase of open and close message.

Icon Toggle Animation

Demo | Code

26. Responsive Mobile Menu with CSS

Did you ever had a feeling that if you could make a menu layout without javascript? Its common to have this feeling during early stage of web development. So beginners get you heads up we have a simple menu design tutorial for web and mobile using css only without any hassle of javascript. You’ll find simple hover effects and menu alignment as header.

Responsive Mobile Menu with CSS

Demo | Code

27. Off Canvas Menu Pure CSS

Final one in the examples of mobile menu navigation with html, css and javascript is a responsive layout with side bar. By now you should have clear on what is offered when responsive and sidebar come together. The contents aren’t affected as a result of menu bar appearing. As the menu appears the contents shift and align themselves to appear in the screen. This makes the efficient utilization of screen space for either website or any application.

Off Canvas css

Demo | Code


This brings end to our article today. Menu is like a map which is necessary for navigation in web and mobile applications. Also, users prefer navigation option to be attractive for good user experience.

We believe the examples that we discussed covers a wide range of applications. You must have found one matching your need or atleast found some base to get started with.

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