A dashboard is the collection of summarized reports and one step answer to analysis of many study business operations. Every application demands a business intelligent dashboard because each business demands to where is it heading and where it must shift focus for improvement. So, considering the importance of a dashboard you may think it will be so much time consuming and expensive. Its both yes and no answer type of question. As you begin to design a unique dashboard from scratch it will surely be expensive. However, thanks to bootstrap, react js and a number of frameworks offering amazing dashboard templates for admin panel you’re just few steps away from implementing it in your project.

Almost every example on the list is free for you to try. The premium versions maybe available for purchase but I think just a basic version will also get the job done. This is because these templates include charts, icons, utility tools and control layout over the entire system. If you wish to customize further to meet your unique needs, you’re most welcome there. However, if its just some individual components that you want to work on for now be sure to check our article on material UI components for more in detail

Free Responsive ReactJS Admin/Dashboard Templates and Themes

Considering most of the designations using such templates will be higher authority who may need quick look before heading to a meeting or presentation, the layout needs to address all those things. Tablets are popular choice for such designation theses days while having a working laptop at their office. So, a collection for templates that will work perfectly on any device requiring just a single look to gain valuable insight is what we have brought today.


Be an admin and get the feeling of complete control over the system with these hand picked examples of react admin templates.

1. CoreUI Free React Admin Template v2

The first example on the admin templates built with react js maybe the only dashboard layout you may need because it comes with a load of features. However, it comes at a price. Sorry not just code here we are talking about. The admin template is up for purchase making it a component of premium application. However without thinking much about price if you just look into features there the number keeps on increasing as you proceed.

admin panel templates

Responsive layout with sidebars on both side, one for navigation menu and another for quick overview on relevant actions. Besides, you have a number of charts and quick analysis tools. Therefore there may not be any feature that you think of but is absent from this template. It is because if that was the case companies like EA sports, DHL, OLX, paypal and a number other might not have put their faith and trust on it.

Download from GitHub

2. Shards Dashboard Lite React

The previous react admin panel might have blown you away with so much things to offer. Its not always the case where more features is the best. You need feature as per your need. Imagine having a car with fridge. Useful for high class people but not everyone wants to have the headache for its maintenance and operation. Similarly this lite react js dashboard as admin panel offers relatively less features but simplifies the work process. Sometimes that’s all you need for efficient management as admin.

lite admin template


3. React Reduction – Free Admin Template

While react js admin templates available for purchase maybe a premium layout, few available for free don’t offer anything less. Just look at this admin panel that you can download and add to your project. Responsive layout, search function, live notification and alert along with varieties of chart diagrams are what you need as administrator of a system. Nothing gets out of your sight whether that be appointment for some days ahead or support issue raised a minute earlier.

free admin template in react js

Download from GitHub

4. ReactJS-AdminLTE

So, you’re a fan of AdminLTE template but want the same among react js admin templates. Your wish has been fulfilled. The original AdminLTE template comes in react js along with a number of widgets, charts and other useful components. We know how icons can be impactful and in a react js dashboard layout for admin you would prefer each components to be located easily and efficiently. With proper components offered here each action speaks by its appearance without any hassle.

adminLTE in react js

Download from GitHub

5. React Ant Admin Design

If you understand Chinese then great however if you don’t then also don’t run away. Check the layout only because in all the examples you are going to create custom labels while implementing. Most common devices for business operation these days are laptop and tablets so a react js admin panel working responsibly on both devices is a gift for them. Either you’re looking for a direct implementation or trying to learn react the following link provides the solution for both.

react js admin and login layout

Download from GitHub

6. React Admin

Are you searching for react admin templates that adapts to any backend such as REST, SOAP, GraphQL etc? Is so the take a look at this react js dashboard that offers lightning fast UI powered by material-ui, redux, redux-form and few more. There’s an entire documentation for you to get to know the template better. I will just give you few reasons to check the documentation that includes data validation, easy content management with WYSIWYG editor and customization as you prefer.

react admin

Download from GitHub

7. Tabler React

With this clean react js dashboard as admin panel you just need to give few minute of your time to see how your business is doing. This is because all the rise and fall of business activities come after a single login. Promoting quick action for your business is what motivated designing this dashboard. Specially for online commerce sites this is the only frontend tool you will need to monitor and analyze your business performance.

react tabler

Download from GitHub

8. React Ui-Material Admin Template

You might have gone through our article on material UI components and libraries. So, after that let’s come to proper utilization of those react components into attractive admin templates. Believe me when I say that its a first version yet comes packed with responsive dashboard, animated charts and good navigation options. The layout is a decoration on itself ready to go with your application.

admin UI template

Download from GitHub

9. ReactJS Admin Template Free

Ever thought how the high level directors of any company look towards their business? Its same as the react js admin panel that we have below. Firstly, the key performance indicators in terms of number of action, revenue and results. Second comes comparison of how well the business is going with charts and diagrams. Then comes the quick overview to individual assignments. Responsiveness is something I don’t require to mention now because nobody reached director level by working 9 to 5 which requires working from anywhere at anytime with whichever device they have.

free templates

Download from GitHub

10. React Ant.Design Admin UI

Its not only a template that ready to go into production but also offers design kit to improve the user and development experience of admin interface. There’s difference between administrator and an observer. Administrators not only observe what’s going around their area but act and set path for others. So, besides normal reporting and analysis figures the admin can set the form layouts, edit graphics or perform anything around their system.

ant admin UI layout

Download from GitHub

11. Light Bootstrap Dashboard React

Bootstrap has been a life saver with a number of react admin templates for young developers to learn including me. If it wasn’t for bootstrap maybe I would still be asking user input from console and providing result. No matter how cool application I would be developing, no one would even want to give it a look because of poor layout and manageability feature to offer. With this light react js dashboard you can focus on your backend more since all the frond end reflection of the system are just waiting for connection with backend.

light dashboard example

Download from GitHub

12. React material dashboard

Its a win win situation with react admin panel that serves all the basic needs of an application which charges nothing. This means its an absolute free react js admin template to add for your project. With the current layout you can get start to launch another awesome application that you built and track its progress in terms of downloads, devices and comparative sales. Moreover, you don’t need to worry on having similar layout under each component. You can choose the list layout for user database or a grid layout for your products. Furthermore, choose how you would like to get alert and notification along with a complete self service for users.

react templates for admin

Download from GitHub

13. React Material Admin

More freebies on react admin templates. The template is an icon library in itself with so many supporting components to get the layout as per your desire. Your list on the requirements may get over but the list of components won’t be. Furthermore, don’t think if its limited to web layout as this one is a mobile friendly template. Stylish and clean responsive layout with modular architecture what more do you need? No hassle of jquery in addition to all.

material admin panel

Download from GitHub

14. React Adminlte Dash

We have already covered one react implementation of AdminLTE dashboard and we have another one here. Why ? Because its good to have multiple options to choose best one. There are still few works to be done as a part of enhancement however already many features are already there to give it a try. The features include charts for infographics, UI elements for layout of your choice, form actions and editors along with utility tools such as calendar, mailbox etc.

react js admin templates

Download from GitHub

15. React Material Admin

The react material admin panel is a combination of monitoring and analysis tool, simple reminder application, inventory management system along with cool animation touch. You can add new dashboard components as you like following the same pattern but let’s talk on layout effect for this one. If you like the feeling of touching water then you’ll like this layout because its almost the same. The wave seems to generate from the middle and towards the edge of the container.

react js admin templates

Download from GitHub

16. React Dashboard

Its not just about showing up all necessary information for the stakeholders but its also the matter of how you do so. Colors play very important role in that. With the help of color combination some general idea can be obtained without having to look in detail. For example if you see a notification in red background your first instance is that some error has been encountered and something good for green background. This is just an example of use of colors for alert in react js admin templates. Even charts, status and a number of other components can be easily elaborated with proper use of colors just like the react admin panel we have here.

colorful admin panel in react

Download from GitHub

17. ReactJS Admin Template

With an aim to allow developer focus on amazing features rather than worry on front end components we head to the last example on react js admin templates. Recent accomplishment of this template includes collapsible notification and configurable sidebar so you are the one decides the layout. Similarly, few works are still under development that will take the template to new heights.

react js templates for admin

Download from GitHub


We saw a number of articles dealing with individual UI components from dropdown menu to icon selection. However all those article were to lead to this one. We highly encourage you to learn each of the individual components to get a deep understanding of UI layout. However, its some criteria that lead us to adapt to ready to deploy components such as these. Having your own layout is beneficial in the sense that you shall have knowledge on each and every corner of the template. However, these react js admin templates that we discussed on offer enough customization to match your needs.

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