The world went from 2G to 3G and now currently offers 4G while working on development of 5G. There has been considerable increase in the internet speed. However, if you ask anyone when in hurry, are they able to execute their task over internet? Majority of them may so no. While we don’t know if its the device that reads our mind and slows loading of image or other things when we’re in hurry as per some sarcastic comments, we do know that react native lazy load components has come to rescue. We’re her today to talk on same react lazyload components and examples.

Without lazy loading technique I think video streaming would be same as downloading video since we could only see it after entire duration completely loads. Taking a non technical example, tell me which of the following conditions you prefer. Getting the breakfast at morning, lunch at afternoon and dinner at night or prepare all the food at once and then only start eating. Ofcourse only some insane would pick second choice while almost all are following first choice. This is exactly the advantage that we get with lazy loading. Get the contents only as per requirement saving time and improving performance.

12 Best Content and Image Lazy Load Component For ReactJs

Maybe without lazy loading you’re mobile data package would be finished right after opening an application. Thankfully that’s not the case. With lazy loading we will be able reduce data wastage, time, battery and many other system resources. Knowing the advantages I think you’re ready to dive into examples that we have brought today.


Find 12 examples on react lazy load components as below:

1. React Lazy load Components

The react lazy load for a number of components such as text, image or anything that you wish to provide to the viewers. With a number of styling options available to render the loading contents along with just 2 event listeners, this react lazy load provides performance as well as functionality.

React native lazy load components

Nobody likes waiting and native websites where all loading used to be done very early on won’t last infront of modern websites with react lazy load feature. Moreover, with these loading styles and components, the waiting duration becomes somewhat bearable for the viewers.

Download from GitHub

2. React Lazy

This lazy loading behavior suits any react application dealing with image gallery or similar photo sharing. Now a days, people may use Instagram just for a quick checking during their leisure time. Imagine you just want to go through some posts at break time and the application doesn’t load because its waiting for response from server. However, that’s not case today since you get the contents depending upon your internet exposure duration.

load for images

In this example you will see images being transitioned as scrolling triggers some event. You’ll see slow effects because the creator wants you to properly observe the effects. In fact it doesn’t even feel like loading is going on. Its more like lights are turned on for the new visiting sections of the page.

Download from GitHub

3. React Pics

The react lazy load components for image doesn’t even include external animation however the image transition feels like one. You can use the components available with this lazy load if its a small sized package that you’re looking for.

react lazy load image components

As we said there’s no animation however it feels like there’s one. This is because of the smooth transition to new image after its loading is complete. Any website wanting to showcase a number of images on their gallery without effecting the performance can go for this.

Download from GitHub

4. React Lazy Load Components

Can you guess how many times this react lazy load components has been used in GitHub? The current count is above 37500 and rising. Reason behind this popularity? Well, its because its easy to use react native lazy component that works fast in IE 8 and above. Moreover, it comes in a small package of only 6 KB.

source code for lazy load

The react lazy load allows you to defer loading content in a predictable way. While it uses debounce function by default you can also use the component inside scrolling container.

Download from GitHub

5. React Lazy Image Loading

Here the react lazy components load the image by use of loader which I think is necessary for all loading related actions. On top of that once the loading is complete the image doesn’t just show up. The transition effect includes image rising from slightly tilted position giving pleasant animation effect.

Image Loading

While the example focuses on implementation for gallery and images, I think it will work well for any application that want to present content in blocks. For example a news portal site may suggest a number of news article at the end of another article. Loading in similar fashion can be useful in such cases.

Demo | Code

6. React Lazy Loader with Intersection Observer

Another efficient way to indicate viewers that their content is being loaded is a progress bar with task completion percentage or remaining percentage. Imagine having to wait being unsure of how much time will it take to get things done. That would really upset the users. However, make sure your application doesn’t freeze at 99% to avoid any causalities.

Lazy Loader with Intersection Observer

This example is just an idea or base above which we can a lot of things. There’s no inclusion of CSS so firstly you can come up with great layout depending on type of application you shall make. Moreover, a simple static percentage complete action is already there which if turned into dynamic can be be a great addition.

Demo | Code

7. Lazy React

Just scroll and the path shall be constructed as you move along. This is what the react lazy load components are trying to say with demo. A plain layout in the beginning which lazy load the image only after scrolling and turns into art gallery in a flash.

Lazy React

However, it would be much better if contents that would fit in the screen would any action. Without it there’s chance that viewers may get confused if its a blank page or something. This little enhancement and we’re all good with this react native lazy load component.

Demo | Code

8. Smart react lazy load image

You can create a simple website and deliver all the contents in form of image slideshow with this react lazy load technique. The drawback that we just talked about before regarding loading action only after scroll event is dealt properly here. The initial page loads with without any action and scrolling results only contents coming after to load.

Smart lazy load

Along with responsive design and image transition animation, this layout is what many page owners may be seeking for their website. The slowly appearing of beautiful images is no less than a pleasant sunshine.

Download from GitHub

9. Lazy Load Images

The most popular way of loading image includes transition of blurry images to a clear one. Popular image sharing site such as Instagram uses similar method to load images as the users scroll through. Its like slowly unveiling of a plot in a movie while creating suspense and excitement.

Lazy Load

Besides the image loading action, the example also shows a cool hover action. Here the image slightly lifts as you hover over to indicate current selection. The action is achieved by slightly moving it upward along with zoom action.

Demo | Code

10. React Lazy Load Image Component

The react lazyload for image component offers actions to customize the loading actions. This range from style of appearance to before and after effects of loading. You may want to display some content before loading and something after loading and with just a simple input field you can do that.

Load Component

This react lazy component supports IntersectionObserver and includes a HOC to track window scroll position to improve performance. Other features include handling of scroll events, resize events as well as re-rendering which might change the position of component. Moreover, you choose from a number of options for image visibility like blur, black and white and opacity transitions.

Download from GitHub

11. Reason react lazy loading

This is an example project to show the use of react lazyload components in ReasonReact. The link offers a complete tutorial on how to use react lazy and suspense for lazy loading. If you’re having problem to get a start on react lazy load for image or any other component then I suggest you to go through the link for detail.

react lazy loading

Download from GitHub

12. React.lazy Example

Loading ………

Loaded. This is the concept for this example of react lazyload. While the website or application is communicating with server to receive the contents , display keeps hold of users telling them its loading. As soon as the contents are received the loading screen disappears and contents are shown.

React.lazy Example

The code for this react native lazy load makes heavy use of javascript while css is for content placement styles. To learn more check the link below.

Demo | Code


Well done! unlike lazy loading you proved that you’re not lazy at all going through all the topics on today’s article. Since the concept of lazy loading is very important in terms of performance of any website or application with some data, it continues to grow. We’re sure that we will see more on react native lazy load on days to come. Have no fear we will cover all the updates on react lazyload on our future posts.

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