Logo is the face of any organization, business or company because that’s what people imagine at first instance on hearing the name. Therefore, logo should speak for them giving tons of information from a single image. Badge comes after that. However, not every badge is an reflection of the logo. Like for a discount badge we would prefer an attractive css design indicating profit rather than company’s image to attract visitors. Another set of bootstrap css examples is notification badge which should highlight on importance, its nature along with relevant actions. You’ll see more examples and implementation in details below.

I personally wouldn’t categorize badge design as a very simple nor very difficult task. A simple ribbon design can reflect in accomplishment whereas you may need to brain storm a little to include hidden messages of your organization within the badge. A badge reflects on what’s the organization, what does it do, what services do they offer, why should they be chosen over others and many more factors. Its also a design to attract visitors at one instance. You came looking for inspiration because we know it can be a complicated task. However, nothing to worry about because this article is here to help you on same.

20+ Awesome CSS Badge Examples with Source Code

Some of these badge design ideas that we have for you manages to deliver your message very clearly. Its like compressing a paragraph worth of message into a small image. They may act as a stand alone component or as a component that goes well with other images. From popular bands to simple web stores each has implementation of badge. If you have any doubts I’ll try my utter best to clear that for you with examples on css bootstrap badge design for discount, notification or more for you.


Here’s 20+ examples on badge design with css and bootstrap that’s eagerly waiting for you.

1. Hexagon Badges with Font Awesome icons

The following set of css badge examples are common implementation of android theme packs. Inside a hexagonal layout we get another white circular container. Its the transparent icon shape embedded inside the circle that makes the main display. However, its a horizontal ribbon wrapped around the hexagon that adds the 3D effect. This maintains a uniform visuals thanks to these bootstrap css badge.

hexagon badge icon

Demo | Code

2. Landscape Badge CSS Animation

Let’s get it straight at the very beginning. There’s no rule written any around that badge requires to be static icon. Well, a highly animated icon sets may be too much for mobile’s memory to handle however a website’s badge may afford that. Having said that the following bootstrap css badge design shows movement of its components to achieve the final landscape layout. However its not the end as the component still has motion after complete rendering.

landscape animated button examples

Demo | Code

3. CSS Badge Promotion

Honestly speaking I don’t like the ads that pop up randomly while going through some contents. They are distractive rather than appealing and I click the close button even before it appears. So, to avoid this scenario give a better layout to any promotion or discount stuff with badge design such as css example below. Its like an attractive promotional piece of paper hanging in malls and stores. To make it more realistic it has a wind effect that makes the badge swing like a pendulum.

discount css badge

Demo | Code

4. Small CSS label/badge

The bootstrap css badge design is a good example for cover images that highlights your company. I don’t mean the entire image has to be a custom designed one for your company when its just a simple badge inclusion that does the trick. Many applications come these days with such effect after uploading the picture to show copyright and the implementation just said.

css badge design for cove image

Demo | Code

5. Responsive SVG Black Friday Badge

Black Friday requires no introduction with people eagerly waiting for it just after having glimpse knowledge of it happening. So, you really don’t have to do much work for this css discount badge design; just go with popular examples. Its sufficient to lure visitors to your web store.

black friday discount badge css examples

Demo | Code

6. GDPR badges

This examples of css badge offers dual implementation. It looks very familiar with navigation button to some link as well as a icon pack in itself. You can choose a combination of different color components for label and icon. Few examples of that is shown in the image below but feel free to try out any other colors of your preference.

icon badge

Demo | Code

7. Animated CSS Big Basin Badge

The following example of bootstrap badge design gives the vibes of some country side forest department officer’s badge. Alternatively, you can promote your camp fire scout package with this animation badge. By animation I mean component wise rendering with continuous blinking of stars.

forest department icon

Demo | Code

8. Title badges

Military games provide the level for their players. These levels increase with more game time. Its a smart move to keep the game engaging and competitive. So, how about letting them boost their accomplishment without even saying. Just a collection of badge such as these and they speak for the players themselves. Not only games but maybe its a number of professional course contents you may be offering. Just provide a badge after completion or as a thumbnail and its an attractive layout to say the least.

title badges

Demo | Code

9. CSS badge

Its like a verification symbol from some professional organization. Not only it looks clean its also attractive. The layout consist of two concentric circles with the space between them serving as a thick boundary. In large letters are the company name and like a subtitle we can add supporting text to it.

css badge examples

Demo | Code

10. SCSS Star Badges

These examples of css badge design are like clip art components of a photo editor. Add a virtual start to your fortunes at time any place. There are a number of stars example to go for. Its an entire pack of stars available for download from the link below.

star badge examples with css

Demo | Code

11. CSS Based Logo

With these examples of css badge design all we can say is even monochromatic icons look really nice provided in a proper layout. These street sign like badge can be your way to showcase your multiple business location in the site. Ofcourse google map is the most efficient way for exact navigation but these sets of css badge design will be addition on top of them.

monochromatic bage

Demo | Code

12. CSS3 ribbons

One way to lure visitors during festive season is to offer discount and attractive combo offers. In the web store it requires some attractive design to let the visitors know of that. One of those attractive design is the discount badge design that lies as a css ribbon on top of content. It adds 3D effect to they layout as if the ribbon was added as a separate real life component.

discount ribbons

Demo | Code

13. Card Button

The following example of css badge can be used for notification or an attractive button. It includes both icon and label which has additional hover effect of changing background. This serves as an interactive navigation option for the users. While in a menu you have a number of components, not all comes under same category. You have have a stand alone gateway to some external site or feature. In such case these navigation badge design with css bootstrap can fill the gap.

button badge for notication

Demo | Code

14. Notification Badge Animation

Its not a smart application if you have to continuously open it to see if you have anything there. Every application has a feature to tell users about some notification pending for them to look with the help of css badge. These css badge just reside in top corner of the application icon with number of notification. I don’t need to tell more since you have have experienced it in your mobile devices. However, its an extra bit of flaming css animation on notification badge which is a unique addition.

notification badge examples with css

Demo | Code

15. Geek Badge

Here’s another example of discount css badge or price label for you to include in your web store. Its a fancy way to tell about price to the visitors. Instead of having plain text of price a graphical representation is going to be good all day long. You may just paste this component on top of your product image if you want to save space or boost about price you’re offering. Either way the badge is an attractive inclusion.

Geek Badge

Demo | Code

16. HTML/CSS Only Arsenal Badge

If you’re a football fan then the club badge means everything to you. They show support to their favorite team with jersey and many merchandise of the team. However, its the badge that should be included. You can show similar support with a background image such as these. Only HTML and CSS and you can create a custom badge design of your favorite team.


Demo | Code

17. CSS Badge

An alternative to medal reward is a ribbon that people can proudly attach next to their heart. That is chest I mean. They wear it with proud. So, will your visitors in their profile if you choose to provide some cool ribbon design after their accomplishment. I mean, I would be proud to have some of these css badge design in my profile as a recognition of my contribution for some site. Facebook is the latest social media site to that offers top fan badges for each groups.

ribbon badge examples with bootstrap and css

Demo | Code

18. Animated CSS Banff Badge

We are now a couple of examples ahead on animated css badge designs. I am not sure if every state have a badge of their own to promote tourism. I mean just click other universal road signs, state badge should be easily recognized by the visitors. If the government can afford the digital sign boards then animated badges will be very attractive. However, you don’t have to think on such issues for implementation on website.

animation css badge design

Demo | Code

19. Pure CSS Badges

Here’s another individual components for your admin dashboard. These sets of badge design not only tell the story in terms of number but visually as well. This is because the container fills the color inside it on the basis of number that it is indicating. Efficient and beautiful notification badge for the add with hover css effects.

dashboard badge examples

Demo | Code

20. CSS Boulder Colorado Patch

Badge or a logo it might be difficult to judge at first but its almost the same thing isn’t it? So, here’s an example of badge design for you with css and html. A white border for the entire shape along with appropriately selected images. Above all, ribbons are good component to include your organizations’s name in a special manner.

badge logo

Demo | Code

21. Download App Badge

If the visitors reach to a page while searching for something then there’s high chance that they would prefer downloading similar app. Even if that’s not the case we all have been through a number of examples on ads that takes us to download link. So, for either of the case its better to give a good attractive layout offering the save. The following download app badge is a simple ribbon layed over the top the page just like clothes hanging in the roof to dry.

download ribbon

Demo | Code

22. Badge Animation SVG

Static reward badge can be attractive but not as much as an animated one. You might have seen the logo of TV channels that does some movement sometime because every once around you need to stretch to avoid backache. Just a reminder for everyone to exercise everyday. So, back to the topic these examples of css badge design are animated ones which contains some of its content move around to catch user’s attention. Why should users have so hard look to know about your accomplishment? Give them something that strikes at first glance.

animated badge

Demo | Code

23. Contributor badge flip exploration

For the next bootstrap css badge example we have an interactive icon set that exhibits movement of its content on hover. It may be hard to find the direct implementation for your site straight away but it sure does provide the inspiration to design one exactly as per your needs. Its an alien spaceship moving for the example below. However something similar for notification or even as button can be created with the css badge design. I can give an example of original price cut down and showing new price after discount with such css badge design if it helps.

animated css badge design examples with bootstrap css

Demo | Code

24. SVG badge emblem with dynamic curved text

Most of the business want to satisfy their happy and most loyal customers by having something to offer for them. There maybe something to offer every once a month or some time. And by all means they would like to include this on their site. Here’s an alternative to normal listing or grid layout. That is badge with slide effect. This means you can provide the spotlight for every rewards in an image slider fashion. You can even come up with multiple discount badge in similar fashion if that’s what you are looking from from the css code below.

wall of honor

Demo | Code

25. Tatooine Badge

So with all the examples we provided on css badge we’re pretty confident you found one for you. However, we still have last one for you with the effect not discussed before. The effect is the badge appearance in dual mode. That means, the badge has one layout in normal mode and another in night mode. The effect is very similar to reversing the color using a photo editor. I can find the exact implementation right now for this badge besides any website that offers dual mode and has some space for badge. If you know more why don’t you help me know better with a comment below?

dual badge effect

Demo | Code


So, we’have covered a number of badge examples today. From a simple discount ribbon to attractive reward layout we covered a range of implementation. Some of these were even equivalent to logos. They are trendy piece of graphic arts for marketing and presenting individuals or organization. Nevertheless they are beautiful and useful inclusion to the site. So promote your offers with great piece of badge designs and see the result for yourself.

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