Frameworks have probably become an important aspect of frontend development. The frontend framework makes web development smooth and advance. The frontend framework helps to make UI and UX better due to flexibility. Consequently, these are the main reason why developers are encouraging to use a framework for the development process.

As for the developers it better to use a framework that you are more comfortable to work with. The popular frameworks have support from people so it has updates that make it more advanced. The frequent updates in the framework help to make web development more secure. Also, it helps in adapting to the changing demand of the market.

For the rich and advance frontend development frameworks are certainly very important. The web development frameworks available today provides the developer tools and also support the unit testing. Furthermore, they can ensure backward compatibility.

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We will discuss some most in-demand frontend development framework in 2022. In general, there are javascript framework and CSS framework.

Top 4 CSS Frontend Development Framework For Web Designer

The following are the most demanded CSS framework.

  1. Bootstrap
  2.  Foundation
  3. Bulma
  4. Semantic UI

1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular frontend development framework. It includes CSS, HTML, JavaScript component. It is used for developing responsive websites. The bootstrap has a mobile-first development method. The basic idea of bootstrap is the grid layout system.

Bootstrap - HTML, CSS, and JS Library

The bootstrap framework divides the screen into 12 columns so we have maintained and play with those columns. Almost every inbuilt classes have an important role in web development but the function of flexbox plays a major role in bootstrap.

Some of the features of Bootstrap are as below:

  1. Bootstrap has a large collection of components.
  2. It has LESS and SASS support.
  3. The rapid development process in web technology
  4. Huge support from the community

2. Foundation

Foundation is another advance popular framework for frontend development. It goes well with the rails framework. It makes responsive websites with the same principle of the mobile-first index. Foundation Framework is sophisticated so they provide training classes.

Foundation - Front-End Framework Frontend Development Framework

Foundation is also open source and available on GitHub. Sass/SCSS is used in this framework so, applying style is easy in the foundation. They also provide responsive templates.

Some of the features of Foundation are as below:

  1. The use of grid system and responsive design makes it better.
  2. The components of Foundation are re-usable.
  3. The use of plug-ins and JavaScript components.

3. Bulma

Bulma is pure CSS no JavaScript framework so it includes just .css file. This is built with Sass so we can use what we need. It is a responsive web designing framework to work with.

Bulma - A Modern CSS Framework

The framework uses flexbox grid layout system for maintaining the layout. This makes it more popular. There are lots of component within this framework to make it better than others. This framework uses is- as the keyword to identify modifiers on the base class.

Some of the features of Bulma are as below:

  1. It helps to develop fully responsive and mobile first design.
  2. Flexbox maintains the grid layout system.
  3. Support from the community and the team itself.
  4. Lots of sets and classes to use.

4. Semantic UI

Semantic UI is another powerful framework that is based on human-friendly HTML. This framework gives developers the way to develop frontend with semantic HTML as much as possible. They use Gulp as their building tool.

Semantic UI

Semantic is ready to work framework and partner with JavaScript framework like react, ember, angular. There are more than 50+ UI elements and 3000+ CSS variable so Semantic have great workable platform. Also, this is flexbox friendly.

Some of the features of Semantic UI are as below:

  1. 3000+ CSS variables to work with
  2. Flexbox friendly framework
  3. Helps in fast development
  4. Responsive layout design

Top 4 JavaScript Frameworks For Designer and Developer

The javascript framework is gaining popularity because of this framework are getting more and more support. JavaScript framework has focused on mobile app development. So, it is popular among mobile app developers. The following are the most demanded JavaScript framework

  1. React
  2. Vue.js
  3. Angular
  4. Ember.js

1. React

React is created by Facebook so they can have effective UI. They continue the framework development and as a result, they released React Native in 2015.

REACT - A JavaScript Library for Building User Interfaces Apps  - Frontend Development Framework

React works with the virtual DOM  so it updates all the changes of the user but has no effect on other parts of the interface. React have a stable code because of unidirectional data flow. Lots of big companies are using react because it optimizes web performances.

Some of the features of React are as below:

  1. Virtual DOM helps to update any part while leaving other parts intact from the changes.
  2. React components are re-usable.
  3. There is one-direction data flow hence the code really stable.
  4. React is open source also it has varieties of tools.


Vue.js is another popular web framework for developing UI. It doesn’t require any additional extension. Though Vue has not become popular among big company still it is growing day by day. Vue is a progressive framework because it can be used in the part of your existing project still it works fine. The size of Vue is small in comparison to others so it makes it faster in general.

VUE.JS - The Progressive JavaScript Framework

Vue can be used to build a complete website. This framework has good documentation so this is another reason for Vue to be popular among the developers.

The Vue team have frequent support to the Vue so, with the devtools extensions, developers can check the current situation of the components. The use of Vue is growing day by day and even big company like Google are have interest in Vue.js

Some features of Vue.js are as below:

  1. Vue.js is easy to learn due to its simplicity.
  2. The documentation of Vue.js is up-to-date and well-written.
  3. Vue.js have high code reusability.


Angular is the completely rewritten version of the AngularJS. In September of 2016 as a completely new framework with new logic and features, therefore, it addresses the challenges of web development. There was a huge problem due to the lack of backward compatibility in angular. Later, backward compatibility was addressed in angular.

AngularJS Tools for Developers - Frontend Development Framework

The arrow functions, async/await, class syntax, etc. are some advantage of angular. The OOP is well introduced in angular. The coding process is easier for developers because of its improved navigation, and refactoring services.

Some of the features of Angular are as below:

  1. Angular allows creating the UI with single parts components also reuse these components in the app.
  2. The core language for angular is TypeScript so it makes coding process easier.
  3. The team of angular is constantly evolving its framework with material design components.

4. Ember.js

Ember.js helps in speed development of the project. It was introduced in 2015 after that it has gained more popularity. Developers using Ember.js needs to write minimum lines of code.

EMBER.JS - A Framework for Creating Ambitious Web Applications

Big company like Microsoft, Netflix, Heroku, etc uses this framework. The development team of Ember.js has huge support for this framework. Ember.js have lots of tools to work with that makes development more easy and useful.

Some of the features of Angular are as below:

  1. Ember.js supports two-way data binding and establish a reliable way of handling user interface.
  2. There is an Ember Inspector tool for debugging Ember applications.
  3. The Ember.js have HTML and CSS at the core of its development model.
  4. It uses the template that automatically updates the model.


There are lots of powerful frameworks available in the market. Each one of these has its own unique feature. They provide us with very useful components, sets, classes to work in our projects. The use of the framework is to make our UI and UX more smooth and applicable.

We need to choose the framework according to our comfort and our knowledge on it. While using the framework we need to understand the working methods of the components and framework as a whole.

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