Material design was introduced by Google in Google I/O Conference in June 2014. Since then, material design has taken over the smartphone app world. And now, it has started taking its place in web and desktop applications as well. Websites and applications have adapted to the material design and implemented it into their designs. We can see the material design card or paper-like designs everywhere now. Material design has changed the path of designing altogether.

Material design is a sophisticated designing philosophy. Since the dawn of material design, there have been developments in the way. Designers are implementing and changing small details in their designs, leading to the evolution of Material.

Material designs now incorporate animations and transitions as well. The card design of Material has also evolved over time.

Material Design Card Examples with Source Code Using CSS And JavaScript

We have collected 10+ material design card examples below. We are sure you might never have seen some of them before.


The source codes to these examples are also available to download. Have a look at some card examples to blow your minds away.

1. Introducing People Cards

Introducing People Cards

Download | Demo

2. Material Design Lite Card Grid

Material Design Lite Card Grid

Demo and Source Code

3. Simple Material VCard

Simple Material VCard

Demo and Code

4. Material Design – Responsive Card

Material Design - Responsive Card

Download | Demo

5. Drag and Throw 3D Card Pile

Drag and Throw 3D Card Pile

Demo and Code

6. Material Article Preview Card

Material Article Preview Card

Demo and Code

7. Mobile Material Design Card

Mobile Material Design Card

Codepen | Demo

8. Material Design Cards

Material Design Cards

Code and Demo

9. Material Inspired Card Slider

Material Inspired Card Slider

Code and Demo

10. Skill Material Card

Skill Material Card

Code and Demo

11. Material Overlay Animation

Material Overlay Animation

Code and Demo

12. Material Design Card – For Blog Post Article

Material Design Card - For Blog Post Article

Code and Demo


Material design changed the concept of designing. It has brought life to designing, using everyday objects as inspiration. Material design looks simple but the concept behind is sophisticated. To incorporate the look and feel of things into design seems like a master plan. Yet here we are, enjoying the fruit of design engineering on our fingertips. We hope to see and feel more of this design as we go along in the future.

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