When it comes to Beautiful CSS accordion menu you must be careful to make something that fits your website. When your website opens the first thing that someone notices are the menu button. This is very important as your website quality will depend on it. This is how your website visitors make their search. Without a beautiful menu, they might not want to stay on your website and choose to change their regular sites. This is also a very easy way to get more viewers on the site. Also if you use menus that are below you will be able to save time and effort of making menus from scratch.

For designing a menu, CSS can be considered as one of the best tools. The codes are very simple. It is very powerful and you can add some 3D effect while you are at it. CSS is very flexible and applying it to any website is easy. If you are interested in JavaScript you can check out these JavaScript accordion menus with awesome effects.

CSS is not something that takes codes but it also takes a lot more than that. It takes creative mind and time to make a beautiful menu. If you don’t have enough knowledge about CSS than there is nothing to worry because there are many tutorials that you can work from.

Best Accordion Menu Design Using HTML & CSS

In the list below you can find a lot of tutorials to help you learn those codes. If you are running out of the time you can simply copy those codes and make your menu. But if you only copy the menu then it may not suit the website requirement so we recommend you to make some changes.

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Now if you look at the examples that we have set out for you then you can make you very own menu for the website.

1. Swanky Lil Drop Down Menu

This menu is made with the help of CSS. Drop down menu are very common and is very convenient. It reflects how the website has been created. This is perfect only if your website can adjust to it.

Author: Jamie Coulter|Source code: Codepen.io

Swanky Lil Drop Down Menu

2. Awesome Accordion Menu Using Only HTML & CSS

Like many menu used in web page is also created with the help of CSS. In this menu there is drop down system. This is mostly used on business websites. Like all the menu there is places where you can edit it. So find them and make it the way you want.

Author: Ahmad Emran|Source: Codepen.io

Awesome Accordion Menu

3. Pure CSS- Accordin With Input Edit

This menu is a little different than other that we have discussed so far. In this menu there are sub menus of sub menu. This is much more unique and with some changes we may be able to use it for our own use.

Author: Jorge Brunetoo||Source code: Codepen.io

Pure CSS- Accordin With Input Edit

4. Multi-Level Accordio Menu

These menu are used mostly used by social media for promotion. This is helpful if you are thinking about adding social media section on the website. It is also horizontal and can shap really nice.

Author: Aysha Anggraini ||||Source Code: Codepen.io

Multi-Level Accordio Menu

5. Multi-Level Accordion Menu

Created with CSS and a little touch of javascript. The use of javascript helps to make various animations. Using :checked pseudo- class we can generate various animation on the website. This menu will make lot of changes to the website and will allow us to make the content fresh as possible.

Source Code |||| Demo

Multi-Level Accordion Menu

6. Simple Flat UI CSS Accordion

Simple but effective as this menu can be if used by someone with the knowledge of CSS. In this menu you can list all the information within the menu itself. It seems simple but is very useful if you are making information website.

Author: Virlyz ID ||||Source Code: Codepen.io

Simple Flat UI CSS

7. Only CSS3 Dropdown Menu

This is a type of menu in which only CSS3 is used. It makes the work simple and efficient. With its dropdown menu you can make lot of use with it. You can save lot of space and make the menu as elegant and radiant as you want.

Author: Pedro Nauck||||Source Code: Codepen.io

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

8. Accordion Menu

This menu is another example of dropdown menu but with list function. You can make menu and have sub menu with it. As you can see in the picture there is list 4 and again there is 4-1 and 4-2 with it.

Author: Ahmad emran||||Source Code: Codepen.io

Accordion Menu example

9. Full Page Horizontal Accordion

This is one of the most unusual menu. In this menu you can see that contents are horizontal and not vertical. One menu can open the entire contain of the menu. This is one of the most uniques ideas out there.

Author: Miles Manners||||Source Code: Codepen.io

Full Page Horizontal Accordion

10. Full Page Horizontal Accordion

Menus like these can make website have a fresh and unique look. Depending on the requirement of the website you can customize the look. This menu is made with the help of CSS and no Javascript was used. As per your requirement this menu will fit to your website. This is dropdown menu and is in vertical to horizontal form.

Author: Anz Joy|||| Source code: Codepen.io

Horizontal Accordion

11. CSS3 Accordion

As we can see that this is a vertically shifting menu. When mouse is moved around the menu they show the content. Menu slides and reveals all the contents on the menu. Using this menu will be more efficient to the end users. They dont have to click to reveal anything. With the changes on the css you can make it the way you want it.

Author: dodozhang21||||Source: Codepen.io

CSS3  menu

12. Accordion Menu + Tooltip

Menu are very important part of any website. Menus has been used ever since the first website was made. Let’s look at some classic looks which can be used on the website. The menu shown below is one of the most classic menus on the list.

Author: mori ||||Source: Codepen.io


13. Accordion Gallery Zoom Animation

Using new and fresh style on the website is very important nowadays. Like other beautiful menus this menu has a new taste. In this menu as you can see that menus have pictures of their own. As we know pictures are worth 1000 words this is just one example. This can make the users understand the menus very easily.

Author: Daniel Subat||||Source: Codepen.io

Accordion Gallery Zoom Animation

14. CSS Responsive Animated Accordion

This is another example of vertical shifting menus. In this menu we can see that contains in the menus shifts vertically. These CSS Accordion menu are very responsive and can be animated as per your website. This is very simple to code and makes the work more efficient.

Author: Chris Wright||||Source: Codepen.io

Responsive Animated Accordion

15. Pure CSS Accordion Menu

With the use of pictures and colors we can make more attractive meus. Example of such menus is this one. In this menu instead of using regular words they have used pictures. This can make the menu more radiant and attractive. As it is very important to make website more beautiful more radiant as possible.

Author: Eduardo Moreno||||Source: Codepen.io

16. ARIA Accessible Accordion

With the use of this menu you can navigate lot of contents. This is an example of vertical dropdown menu. In this menu there are lot of choices which can make the website look good than before. When you want to make the menu look good this is the menu you can use without any hesitation.

Author: Kiri Egington |||| Source Code: Codepen.io

ARIA Accessible


Using menus not only make the website look good but also helps you to navigate the contents. Using CSS accordion menus can make your websites more efficient and powerful. This increases the number of end users on the website. If you can then add some more of the effects on websites. You can add 3D effects which makes the menus more attractive. Making the website is one thing but making it more attractive is very important. Beauty can sometimes be the key to uplift your website and make it look more elegant as possible.

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