Hypertext processor, a well-known programming language is milestone for web developers. Initially, known as personal home page, this scripting language have the history almost quarter century. PHP can also be called the jumble code of all other language like C, JS, C++, python along with many of its many unique features. If you want to embedded your page with HTML and HTML+ or use combinely with web Templates and design best free PHP frameworks is what you are actually looking for. This processer gives an alternative to Microsoft active server pages. PHP, infact saves file with suffix “.php”, “.phtm” or “.php7”.

Whether you are a beginner or professional programmer, you can choose these servers processor frameworks for efficient, free, open source. Server-side scripting codes can be deployed on almost all the operating software available and can be implemented and CGI or CLI. Also it provides you the pages with password protected which is one of its features. These hypertext thus have been most preferred, used and loved programming of present and will surely be for future as well.

Free Best and Popular PHP Frameworks for 2020

Since the introduction of this coding language many frameworks for this has been designed. Such frameworks have given easy, free efficient access to this language. Among them here are the list of 8 such processor framework that could meet your expectations as they stands for best in 2018.


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Laravel PHP Framework

 Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel, currently at its apex is framework preferred by almost 50% of total PHP user. It uses WVC architecture with tons of laravel package with queue management. Its contents many videos and course content for guiding the beginners of PHP till perfection.
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CakePHP PHP Framework

CakePHP PHP Framework

Having the history of over 10 years CakePHP not only supports on PHP5 but PHP4 as well. Application like CURD, input validation, no cross site scripting, concise coding etc. makes it a perfect PHP framework.


Symphony Framework For Developer

Symphony Framework For Developer

For a professional, symphony is the best PHP to design large scale website. This has huge reusable libraries which allow creation, configuration, authentication, security and so on. Symphony is fast and has less repetition of codes.

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Codelgniter Powerful PHP Framework

Codelgniter Powerful PHP Frameworks

Carrying the history of 10yrs this framework is easiest among all to use. This also avoid the PHP version conflict and is highly flexible. Easy error handling, encrypted steps, security, choice in models and views etc. are what makes it one of best free PHP framework for 2020.

Phalcon – A Full Stack Framework

Phalcon - A Full Stack Frameworks

Phalcon created in 2013 became well just in few years. This is because it allows high performance optimization. This uses C and C++ which not only makes it fastest framework but also a easier one. It has features as assets management, caching, security and so on.
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Yii Framework – Fast and Secure Frameworks

Yii Framework - Fast and Secure Framework

Yii framework with its latest modification named as yii2 have been an apple of eye to PPH user. This framework is on demand loading makes it faster than other. It has logical and clear codes. Query building, auto record and ability to integrate with AJAX and jQuery makes it efficient.
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Zend Framework – Professional PHP Framework

Zend Framework - Professional PHP Framework

Designed best for complex websites and high projects this is best for professional. It is hard to learn but is stable and robust. Zend offers wide range of functioning for making professional websites. It has partners as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Abode and many more.
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Slim is the micro-framework for 2018. It makes light weight restful APIs with facilities like URL handling, HTTP caching and many more. It is better designed for beginners and is easy to use.
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With the advancement in technology and web development coding also made its own history. The complex codes are now easy to do and easy to learn. This is the achievement of PHP language and efforts of PHP frameworks. If you are looking forward to work with then this site helps you in your selection. We have made the list of best free PHP frameworks of 2018 that are widely used, enable wide range of features ,easy codes to save your time, simple to learn and all of them are free.

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