Hello! Are you here to learn about CSS Waves Effects. Then lets learn about them together. When it comes to website designing there are few things to keep in mind. Such as design, content and security. Designs can be a very important as this can make you website from looking dull to extraordinary. It all depends upon your imagination. Among those designs wave effect is also one. Waves may just seem like nothing so important at first but one it is fused in a website it makes it more exciting.

Waves were designed to make ink effect outlined in material design. It can be considered as external library that include material design. When you use Waves it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be all over the page. If you can use it only one section of the page than it will do just fine. Use of waves make the work efficient and flexible. When you login to some website and see the waves you may wonder how they are made. You have nothing to worry about how to code them. When you are done with this article you will have detail knowledge about different waves.

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As there are various ways in which a wave can be customized we will have to try to cover them as much as possible. One option can be the use of the use of pre-created classes. The other one is the use of class your own class. There are custom colors to choose when it comes to customizing CSS Waves.

1. Css Waves – Motion Effect

Well this is a basic example in which you can see how a wave works. It seems very ordinary at first but trust me once used in your website it makes more sense. Waves tend to make the websites have that elegant look. Use it where you feel right and then see the magic.

Author: Mehment Burak Erman
Source: Codepen.io

Css Waves - Motion Effect

2. Material CSS Waves

Lets see if you want something within the waves then how do you do it. Don’t worry this wave has you covered. In this wave you can get all the content you want. You can easily add contents on the top and make them the work the way you want it to be.

Author: cnjs
Source: Codepen.io

Material CSS Wave

3. CSS Waves Animation with a PNG

Let’s say what if you want some wave that can give you some background effect as well. Then just use the effect below. This effect look good and will give you what you want. This waves gives more effect than other waves will give you. You can even customize waves according to the need of you website.

Author: Jelena Jovanovic
Source: Codepen.io

 CSS Waves Animation with a PNG

4. CSS Challenge 054

Waves like this is something else. You can use them to makes the user feel like they are at a game. Just with some coding and few adjustment you can make something amazing. CSS Waves that look like game can make almost anyone go nuts and will for sure increase the visitors.

Author: Leticia
Source: Codepen.io

CSS Challenge 054

5. CSS Waves Simulation

More responsive waves can sometimes be the key. According to this list you can see how waves are getting more interactive. First it was simple wave now it has more simulation to the waves. With just a simple arrow you can see that how much work has been done.

Author: João Santos
Source: Codepen.io

html Wave Simulation

6. Pure CSS Waves

Want something that is simple. Then you have come to the right place. In this wave you can see that how a simple wave can make such a huge difference. This wave might look something that a child would use but it can make the loading time of your website quick.

Author: Chokcoco
Source: Codepen.io

Pure CSS Wave

7. CSS Wave Generator

Well sometimes you may not find what you might be looking for on the internet but what if you can generate what you want. This generator allows you to generate css waves according to your need. If this is not what you are looking for then what is it. Maybe you can find it on contents below.

Source: danielefavi

html Wave Generator

8. Google’s Material Design Waves

Do you want waves that can be used inside the picture. Then why not try google’s material design waves. This makes your work so much easier. Using this wave will help you to generate waves within the element itself. This can make your work much easier and faster.

Source: fian.my.id

Google's Material Design Waves

9. SVG SMIL Wave Animation

So you want to see more huh? Then lets see this new and exciting wave that is out of this world. This wave give you the opportunity to not only add wave but add background picture to it. In this wave you can explore new possibility which can make website look good. This is done with simple but powerful codes like CSS3.

Author: Lou
Code: Codepen.io
Source: Designcode

 SVG SMIL Wave Animation

10. Wave Figure SVG

Why do waves always have to be on bottom. Why can’t they be at top. Well this wave can tell you all your answers. Although they are not animated like other waves they can do almost the same job like any other waves. The reason why they are not animated could be because they have no css code on them. This might raise the question why no css code that is because you can now design your very own css code for the wave.

Author: Sergey
Source: Codepen.io

CSS Movement

11. Wave With Pure CSS Animation

Well you just might have learn about non animated wave. Why not learn about some waves with pure css animation. First thing to know is that this may not be the same animation that you have been using but it is so much better. It is simple dot animation but can be used on almost any webpage. For example if you want a button and want to make it look good you have your answer.

Author: Kween Roxey
Source: Codepen.io

CSS Moton

12. CSS Wave

Waves are very common tools used nowadays. It seems like almost every website has wave on. Although it is very common it is the best way to make the websites more attractive. For instance this wave is quite unique as there are more than on color involved on the wave alone. There are line that shows its color in the website.

Author: massimo
Source: Codepen.io

CSS Wave

13. CSS Wave Border

When there are no contents on the wave it seems incomplete. But what if there were to be contents on the wave it would make it much better. This wave is not on the button but on the top. You can easily create contents and can add all the desired descriptions when it comes to increasing content.

Author: Jessica
Source: Codepen.io

Wave Border

14. CSS Wave

Well you might be used to simple waves and you might feel much more comfortable using it as well. But why not use a little advance wave that is this CSS Wave. In this wave you can see so many new concepts. There are two parts which has its own color. Contents on the wave look unique but with simple codes.

Author: Elior Tabeka
Source: Codepen.io

CSS Wave

15. Wavy Bottom and Transparent Background Image

We have seen a lot of waves before. But this is not like other waves this much different. In this wave you not only get a wave but the entire content to go with it. Waves like these are not so easy to find. But the use of this wave will not only make your website look good but will also save you a lot of time.

Author: Jaris GV
Source: Codepen.io

CSS Motion


There are lot of waves to choose from. You can use simple wave or use something different and much more advance waves. You can even have a choice of choosing animated or non animated waves but that is up to you. Just go and look at those simple websites without waves and compare it with websites with wave. Certainly you will like the ones with wave. At last all you need you know is that waves are not just tools but key for a better website. Let’s face it simple website is dull and there are not going to be any visitors even if you have more contents than others.

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