Sometimes, you may want to notify all your friend about a post that interest you. While you can mention them individually, it isn’t that effective. So, in such a situation, you can highlight that Facebook post.

This works the same as when you tag everyone on the Facebook page with @followers text.

The “highlight” tag lets you notify your friends easily whenever you use it. However, according to Facebook, only some of your friends may receive such notification.

Still, since you can’t mention everyone on a personal FB account, like a page or group, this feature helps a lot.

So, this article will teach you to highlight a Facebook post, along with related information. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to post on someone’s Facebook timeline while at it.

What Does Highlight Tag Mean on Facebook?

The highlight tag on Facebook basically means notifying your friends and gathering their attention to a specific post.

This post can be yours or others. You can simply use the @highlight feature anywhere to gain attention from your friends.

Sometimes, tagging each individual username on a post isn’t time effective. Furthermore, you can only tag up to 50 people at a time.

So, instead of going through this long process, using @highlight may help you quickly notify your friends.

Of course, it may not notify each friend on your account. As per Facebook, “some friends might receive notifications” when you use this feature.

So, it isn’t a guaranteed method to notify everyone on Facebook account. Hence, you can use it in conjunction with other tags like @followers, @username, etc.

Though you may not notify everyone, using it on your post does make it more visible. It can also help you as a strategy to quickly promote your content among friends.

Note: The highlight tag on Facebook may be glitched and unavailable for some people. So, you may need to use other options if you can’t find it.

How do you use @highlight Tag on Facebook Posts?

As you know, you can use the @highlight tag whenever you want to gather your friend’s attention.

You can either highlight it in the caption of your post or in the comment section of your or other’s content.

To use it, all you need to do is type @highlight on the text field and select the correct one from the list.

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How to Make a Content Highlight on Facebook?

There are two ways to highlight the content to your friends on Facebook. You can either use it on your post caption or the comment area.

Remember, wherever you use it, your friends will get a notification about it immediately. So, let’s learn to do so separately.

Use @highlight on Facebook Post

You can use the @highlight tag on your post when creating or editing it. So, follow the step-by-step process below on your Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac) to use it properly.

1. First, tap the “What’s on your mind?” section on your FB homepage to create a new post.

Now, add photos, music, etc., and prepare your content.

Note: You can also edit your existing content by clicking the three dots and selecting the “Edit post” option.

2. Next, type @highlight on the caption section and choose the correct one from the list.

Remember, it may not appear at the top. You can look at the “some friends might receive notifications” message below it to find it quickly.

3. Finally, finish writing anything related to your post and tap the “Post” button.

Once your content is published on your account, your friend will receive the notification. They can now tap on it to visit your post directly.

Use @highlight on Facebook Comment

You can also use the @highlight tag in the comment section. This can be used in your post’s comment section or someone else’s.

For this, press the “commentbutton below the post and type @highlight.

After that, choose the correct form on the list. Now, write anything related to the post or why you are notifying your friends.

Since this method isn’t foolproof, you can also tag someone on Facebook comment if necessary.

Finally, publish your comment, and your friend will get notified accordingly.

Can you Highlight All your Friend’s Name at Once?

Yes, you can highlight all your friends’s names at once using the @highlight tag on a Facebook post or comment.

However, sometimes, it may not work for all the friends. So, use it along with the @followers tag. Also, tag important members individually with @username to avoid issues.

Benefits of using @highlight Tag on Facebook?

The main benefits of using the @highlight tag on your Facebook account are it notifies your friends, increases engagement, connects people, allows easy share of info, and helps in promotion and networking.

However, you should use such a tag with caution because using it frequently may have a negative impact.


Why can’t I use the @highlight tag on Facebook?

You may be unable to use or see the @highlight tag on Facebook because it isn’t available for everyone. Also, it seems to appear and disappear frequently according to active users. So, you can only wait and use other tags when encountering such a situation.

Who can use @highlight on Facebook?

Anyone with a Facebook account can use @highlight on Facebook. A page Admin can also use it on their post or comment.

Can I turn off highlight notifications on Facebook?

Yes, you can turn off the highlight or any tag notifications on Facebook if you want. For this, go to Settings >> Privacy >> Notifications >> Tags. Now, customize and disable it from this page if necessary.

Can I highlight other people’s content on Facebook?

Yes, you can highlight other people’s content on Facebook by typing @highlight in the comment section. You can also share it on your account and highlight it in the caption.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, whenever you want to mention all your friends about some content, use @highlight in the caption or comment section.

However, remember, it may not always work for all friends. So, tag important members individually if necessary.

Overall, hope this is helpful to you. Let’s also learn to change location on Facebook Marketplace if interested.

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