It is just as important to rate the buyer as it is to rate the seller. After all, sellers have a right to know whether the buyer is trustworthy. That’s why you can rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace.

You may find this feature new to online marketing since most e-commerce platform only allows buyers to rate sellers.

However, it is not fair for sellers since they can also encounter unreasonable buyers. In such a scenario, it is necessary to show your views, right?

Likewise, a good buyer also needs a better rating so that it will prompt them to do better in future transactions.

Anyway, this article will teach you to rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace, along with a few suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to renew listing on the FB Marketplace if interested.

Can you Rate a Buyer on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace after completing the transactions or some communication.

According to Facebook, “You can rate a buyer once they’ve bought something from you or you’ve had a conversation with them on Messenger.”

However, it seems this feature isn’t showing for everyone until you mark your item as sold on the listing.

So, it is better to rate a buyer once the transaction is complete on the FB Marketplace.

Of course, sometimes, their behavior and communication may demand a rating from a seller. In such cases, you can check the rating button after refreshing your chat box. So, when and how to rate someone is your choice.

How to Rate a Buyer on the Facebook Marketplace?

A seller can rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace once the transaction is completed or after communication. They can do this with a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

Remember, sometimes, you may need to mark the item as sold to see the “rate buyer” button on Messenger.

While normally, it should appear once you start communicating with that buyer on Messenger. As per Facebook, you don’t need to always sell something to rate someone.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step guide below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, start your communication and negotiation with a buyer on the Messenger app.

Generally, you would get a message after you list something on the Marketplace.

2. Next, tap the hamburger menu from the upper left corner of your Messenger app and choose the “Marketplace” option.

3. After that, open the chat box of the buyer for whom you want to leave feedback.

Disclaimer: You can start the rating process after some chatting or after you complete the transactions.

4. Now, press the “More optionsbutton from the top right side and choose the “Rate Buyer” option from the menu.

5. Then, tap the star score on the next page and select a review from the suggestions.

6. Finally, press the “Submitbutton below, and you are done.

Remember that you can also rate the buyer when you are marking your item as sold.

For this, find your listing and press the “Mark as sold” button. Now, choose the username of the person you sold your item to and then rate that buyer afterward.

Note: Facebook will show the username of only those who have communicated with you on Messenger regarding that listing.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the step-by-step process below on your computer or laptop to rate the buyer on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, open your account on the FB web using the desktop browser.

2. Next, click the “Messageicon from the upper right side and choose “Marketplace.”

3. After that, open the conversation with your buyer from the list and click “More options” from the list.

4. Finally, choose the “Rate Buyer” option and leave a score and review accordingly.

You can submit your score afterward. Remember, you can use a Smartphone if you can’t see this option.

How to See Buyer Ratings on the Facebook Marketplace?

A buyer’s ratings given by the seller is private. Hence, only the buyer can see the ratings and reviews of the seller.

The idea behind it is to show the buyer their strengths and weaknesses, prompting better transactions and communication.

If you are a buyer, you can first find your Facebook Marketplace profile and press the “Access your buyer ratings” option. You can find all the scores and reviews here.

How to Request Buyer Rating on the Facebook Marketplace?

Since a buyer doesn’t require the rating from the seller normally, you may need to request it in some situations. Of course, a seller can also request a rating on FB Marketplace and vice versa.

Remember, not all seller have time to rate their buyer, and they may only do so when the experience isn’t satisfying for them.

So, you can ask them politely on Messenger to rate your Marketplace account once the transaction or negotiation is properly concluded.

Keep your request simple and short. Be professional and explain the process if necessary.

Can a Buyer Get Scammed on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, a buyer and seller both can get scammed on the Facebook Marketplace if they aren’t careful.

A buyer can encounter non-delivery scams, fake or misleading listings, payment scams, phishing attempts, stolen goods, etc.

Likewise, a seller can also encounter the same scams like non-delivery, fault in payment, phishing attempts, etc., from the buyer. That’s why you shouldn’t give your phone number on Marketplace easily.

Can you Block a Buyer on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can block a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace easily if you find them misconducting.

Follow the steps below on your device if you want to block a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, go to their conversations box on the Messenger app

2. Next, press the “View buyerbutton from the top left corner.

3. After that, press the three dots below the profile picture and choose the “Block” option from the menu.

4. Finally, press the “Blockbutton on the confirmation prompt, and you are done.

Remember, once you block someone, you can no longer receive messages or calls from them and won’t see their listing.


Why can’t I rate someone on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot rate someone on the Facebook Marketplace without communicating on Messenger or without completing the transactions.

Where do I rate a seller on Facebook Marketplace?

You can rate a seller on the Facebook Marketplace from your Messenger chat after the transaction is completed.

Can I report a seller on the FB Marketplace?

Yes, you can easily report a seller on the FB Marketplace. For this, open your conversation first on Messenger and press the “More options” button from above. Now, choose the “Report Seller” button and report your issues.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, a seller can rate a buyer on the Facebook Marketplace using a Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

However, you may need to request such ratings as a buyer since most of them may not rate you easily.

Overall, have fun exploring all the features on this platform in your time. You can look at other Facebook Marketplace tips if necessary.

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