It takes just a couple of minutes to get a cool clock component built on react into your website. Let your amazing customers know that you’re introducing a breath taking product with these react native clock countdown timer example so that there’s a craze before actual launch. Don’t think its an ecommerce site only that will leverage from these react react clock examples, we will give you more than one example of multi area implementation.

I will guide you before you start your hunt on clock for your site. Keep in mind that clock should be accurate, allow multiple functioning and give layout as per our will. In addition it should be light as a feather because no one want to be under the heavy weight of time. So with that being said see how many of the examples below will meet you criteria and with which one you come out at last.

Different Clock Component For React App With Source Code

Time is important and to save your time from roaming around websites in search of react clock examples, we got that already covered. Today we present to you 12+ examples of react clock components for countdown timer or simply checking current time.


Without wasting any time lets go shopping for some amazing clocks for your project.

1. Colorful Digit Clock

Let’s start today’s list on react clock component examples with a colorful digital clock. The effort you’ll need to make this is almost negligible. Don’t believe me ? Then check the code from link below you’ll find no more that 30 lines of css code for this one.

colorful digital clock

While one may suffer from confusion of color selection, this clock built on react uses all possible colors on its component. Its like filling each pixels with a different color to achieve layout similar to numbers on a digital clock.

Demo | Code

2. React Clock

A common clock layout that you may have seen earlier as widget in windows OS. It was so cool to include such widget in the desktop even though we had a number of options to check time. A very simple reason to consider including one.

analog clock example

The react clock component comes just a little from css for positioning and highly dependent on javascript for other functionality. With inclusion of second hand which is always moving around its like taking a real life wall clock and pasting in the computer screen.

Demo | Code

3. ReactJS Clock with different formats

Gone are the times when clock used to be just for getting time. Now we expect a number of features from such device such as time in all possible format, date, temperature and other. While all may not be possible to show up right now, here we have component of react clock in different formats along with date.

multiple clock format on react

Such examples of react clock are popular in streets giving away information on date and time. While, we need to click on screen to change the format, it can be configured to change automatically. After this you can just integrate with the device and let the work be done automatically.

Demo | Code

4. Digital Clock – React

Sometime even a boot up function is appealing. Just take an example of apple’s phone. The apple logo lighting up is a feeling of different level just like this example of react clock. Its like a cool tech in a Si-Fi movie on future.

digital clock

So, we started with loading animation so let’s talk about same. All digits indicating 0 blink for few seconds before showing actual time. Moreover, the layout is a beautiful decoration material not only for digital screen but as a real world object as well.

Demo | Code

5. Crossfit Clock

A clock for the gym freaks. If you’re looking to make an application related to fitness and workout then these are a number of react clock component to consider. With support for timer, laps and countdown your react native application will be example for others.

react clock component for timer, countdown, laps and more

What’s more interesting is the sound effect. In countdown situation its finishing the work that people should be focused within the time frame. So, the alert sound while closing on the time frame is a good feature to notify users.

Download from GitHub

6. React Timer Machine

React timer machine offers some fully controllable features along with customizable components for react clock timer. Basically, it offers timer on either direction. That is you can create a countdown but selecting count down or a normal timer with count up option. Similarly, pause, stop or restart the timer as per will.

two way react timer clock example

Not much in terms of number but basic functionalities that people seek in timer related applications. Keep it simple keep it straight.

Download from GitHub

7. React Timekeeper

The following layout is very similar to one in your mobile application. You will see such layout when you need to pick a specific time for some action. For example, setting an alarm or reminder notice.

React timekeeper for alarm and reminder applications

By providing an actual clock’s layout, it makes very easy for selection. It eliminates the need to manually provide by typing so that there’s no room for confusion. However, make sure to highlight am and pm selection option clearly so that users won’t 12 hours early or late.

Download from GitHub

8. React Live Clock

A react clock library with component to get time in multiple formats for different time zones. If you’re application deals with a number of regions and need to provide time in different format then you need to check this library.

react clock component with timezone

For an example consider an application for football fans. Game happens in Europe and the fans are going crazy in Asia. However, there’s a huge time difference between two continents and not all know math to find out exact timing. For such applications this library is a gem because by comparing time zone of match venue and location of users, it will be able to deliver exact time.

Download from GitHub

9. React Clock

The react clock component has a layout similar to one of the common wrist watch. Along this with a simple toggle switch button we can change the display of clock by enabling or disabling date view.

react toggle button clock

The basic react clock component can be a good utility tool for any website. Due to its dark layout it may go well with screensaver option or dark themed websites. Alternatively, with some customization it may even suit other applications and websites.

Download from GitHub

10. React Canvas Clock

I am not sure whether strings like structure that second hand of the react clock makes is a glitch or something author did knowingly. Maybe you can include the layout to give something to think about to the viewers. Alternatively it can be included as animation effect for react countdown clock or timer, an native example set for others to follow.

react native clock component for  timer

Ignoring the glitch or animation component that is, the react clock is a simple layout of actual one. From the link below you can find code and demo for trying out a clock design project.

Demo | Code

11. Working analog clock made with REACT

The react clock component is for designers looking for a cool analog clock design without any number labels. Mostly modern generation find it boring to use clock with number labels. Considering same thing in mind a new layout for clock was designed as below. It fairly popular and considered as cool widget for modern generations. Therefore, if you are targeting something for same generation with application then this is one of the component to consider.

analog react clock example

Demo | Code

12. Analog clock for your React app

An analog clock for react application which will function as a real world clock tower. Since its specifically designed to enhance your application, the clock component can be customized to any level as per our desire. Whether that be changing appearance or showing / hiding numbers you are in the control.

analog clock

Another reason to consider the react clock is that you don’t need to worry what it did to achieve this. Putting all complexity behind the rendering and update is fast. Therefore, its a reliable react clock component that went through a number of tests and improvement to bring one of the best examples.

Download from GitHub

13. Binary Clock

The react clock that may be little complicated at the beginning. However, I can give a number of examples implementing such clock. Because of the nature of react native example, it can be used as a countdown clock or timer in any of the billboards. Moreover, you might have seen officials in a football match holding digital boards with number being displayed. Another common example of this react countdown clock.

react binary clock for countdown timer

Demo | Code

14. React digital clock

The react native clock example that we have here can be simply implemented as a header countdown or timer for any related applications. Like the one we see when a TV channel is advertising premier of an amazing movie by showing countdown timer in the header. That definitely catches some attention from the viewers.

react native digital clock example for  timer

Demo | Code


If there’s a debate regarding what is the most important thing in the world, a majority will stand along time. There’s less arguing to that since everything should go along time. Therefore, simply inclusion of clock and providing relevant features for your application isn’t a bad idea. With a number of clocks varying in terms of appearance, functionality and usability we hope one of them must be making way to your project.

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