Ratings and reviews have great significance in the online market. Anyone who is trying to purchase something will mostly look at such a score to make their decision. Hence, you may need to request a rating on the Facebook Marketplace to stand out among your competitors.

Of course, rating isn’t necessary for every seller on the FB Marketplace. If you are selling a second-hand item for a limited period, then asking for a rating isn’t necessary for you.

However, for someone dealing with lots of transactions of their goods on this platform, ratings help a lot.

Therefore, it is necessary to ask for a rating, especially since FB won’t actively prompt the buyer to do that.

Anyway, this article will discuss how you can request a rating on the Facebook Marketplace after someone purchases your goods. Likewise, let’s also learn to share FB Marketplace listings if interested.

Can you Request a Rating on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can easily request a rating on the Facebook Marketplace after you sell the goods and the transaction is completed successfully.

Generally, when the seller marks an item as sold on the FB Marketplace, this rating option will appear in the buyer’s Messenger.

So, if the item is in “Available” status or it is still pending, the buyer can’t leave a rating even if the good is sold.

Therefore, before requesting the rating from your buyers, you must first correctly mark your item status. Also, it isn’t a good idea to falsely mark your item just for rating since it will decrease the visibility of your listing.

Remember that Facebook operates its rating system on the average method. It means it will only show the seller’s overall rating, and nobody can see the individual rating except the seller.

So, before asking your buyer to leave a rating, properly complete your transaction first. Only after you do everything on your Marketplace account can the buyer rate the seller on the Facebook Marketplace.

How to Request Rating on the Facebook Marketplace?

There is no genuine always working in-built method on the FB Marketplace that lets you request a rating from a buyer.

Sometimes, you may see the “Request a rating” button on the buyer’s Marketplace profile. However, most of the time, this is not the case.

Hence, rather than using the built-in feature and hoping it shows up, you can instead manually ask your buyer.

Remember, a buyer can only rate you after the item or goods are sold. So, once you mark your item like that after the transaction, you can ask the buyer in Messenger for a rating.

In case you are confused, let’s follow the steps below to learn to ask for a rating on the FB Marketplace.

1. First, start negotiation with your buyer on the Messenger.

Use the “Meetup plan” feature and mark your item accordingly as per the situation. You can also send your offer for the buyer’s approval.

2. Next, once the goods are sold, and you get your payment, find your listing on Marketplace and mark it as “Sold.”

Also, close your meetup plan, offer, and payment status.

Note: You must mark the goods as sold to start the rating process.

3. You can now ask your buyer to rate your Marketplace profile after everything is okay on your side.

For this, go to your Messenger app, tap the hamburger menu from the top left corner, and choose “Marketplace.”

Now, open the conversation box of that buyer and ask politely for a review and rating.

Note: Sometimes (or in some countries), you can request a rating directly from your Marketplace profile.

For this, open your listing on Facebook and scroll down. Now, press the “Request rating” option and tap the “Send Request” button next to that person’s username.

4. If the buyer cannot see the “Rate seller” button at the top left corner, ask them to refresh the chat.

Remember, a buyer can rate a seller using both a Mobile phone and a PC (Windows or Mac). Hence, give them proper instruction on how to do this since most people don’t know about it.

Furthermore, tell them that their review is private by default since many people may not like to leave ratings publicly.

Overall, that’s all that you can do on your part. Now, whether a buyer will actually score your profile is their choice. Also, you won’t always get a good review, so consider everything before trying this.

How do you Politely Ask for a Good Review?

Though asking for a review and rating is a good idea, doing so abruptly might be counterproductive. Hence, it is very necessary to ask politely for a good review from a buyer.

First, complete your transaction properly and ask if they got their goods. You can also leave a thank you note if necessary.

After that, bring up the rating and review process like you are only reminding them. Keep your message short and concise.

For example, you can message “Thank you for the smooth transaction. If you are satisfied with our service, please leave a review and rating. Your thought means a lot to our business.”

Don’t force them to do this, and guide them if necessary. Remember, we want good reviews, not just reviews.

Why is Facebook Marketplace Request Review not Working?

Facebook Marketplace request review may not work due to location restrictions, old Facebook versions, violations of community guidelines, new updates, or technical glitches.

Many people are complaining that they can’t find the “Request rating” option. Also, it may show up for one item while disappear for another.

So, it is better to ask your buyer directly over Messenger to leave a rating. They will still get a prompt on their phone, and it works as intended.


Why can’t I request ratings on Facebook Marketplace?

You can’t request ratings on the Facebook Marketplace if the transaction is incomplete, technical glitches, guidelines violations, etc. So, it is better to ask your buyer politely to rate your product via message.

How do I request feedback on the Facebook Marketplace?

To request feedback on the Facebook Marketplace, you can either message your buyer on Messenger after the item is sold or use the built-in feature if available.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can always request a rating on the Facebook Marketplace from your buyer after the transaction is complete.

For this, you can use the built-in feature if available; otherwise, it is also a good idea to remind buyers via a polite, short message.

Overall, don’t overly complicate this process since ratings aren’t the only thing that determines your business. To learn more, let’s review other Facebook Marketplace tips.

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