There are many things going on to maintain a page on social media. And running it alone will be extremely difficult if it gains more followers and popularity. So, you may want to add an editor to your Facebook business page to lighten the workload.

Furthermore, a professional editor is a must for their expertise to increase the content quality and manage followers.

So, whenever a page starts to operate on the right track, you may need to delegate some rights to others. Whether it is to decrease workload or for their expertise, the editor helps a lot.

Facebook also allows you to easily add such roles to your business account from privacy settings.

Hence, this article will discuss how to add an editor to your Facebook page, along with many important tips. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to tag someone on the Facebook business account while at it.

Who is “an Editor” on the Facebook Page?

An editor on the Facebook page is someone who has permission more than any other role (Moderator, Advertiser, etc.) except Admin.

Such a person has access to manage content, moderate comments, reply to messages, Ads and insights management access, and so on.

They can post reels on the page, create an Event, upload posts (photos or videos), edit a post, etc.

However, an editor doesn’t have the right to change the account settings and cannot add or remove another editor or Admin.

So, they have all the business account managing rights but don’t have full control over it like an Admin.

Can you Add an Editor to the Facebook Business Page?

Yes, you can add an editor to the Facebook business page as long as you are an Admin or have full control over it.

Previously, FB has divided the roles into Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, etc., on its privacy settings.

Now, however, you won’t find such roles. Instead, you will see two types of settings: Facebook access and Task access.

When someone has Facebook access to a page, they can open and operate that page in their FB application or web.

However, someone with only task access cannot open the page in the Facebook app. Instead, they must manage it via external software like Meta Business Suite, Creator Studio, etc.

Hence, you now have more control over your business account than ever. You can now allow someone to manage your business account without giving the FB access.

Though there is no “editor” role visible in the settings, you can still add them by assigning certain access.

For example, someone with Facebook access without full control over the business account is an editor. You can also make an editor for the Meta business suite using the task access feature.

However, do remember that an editor can also delete photos and videos from Facebook pages. Hence, you must delegate such roles carefully.

How to Add Editor on Facebook Page

Adding an editor on a Facebook page isn’t that hard. You can do this using an Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device or a PC (Windows or Mac).

However, there are two kinds of editors you can add to a page. Someone with Facebook access and task access.

So, let’s learn everything on both devices for your convenience. You can decide on the role after learning.

On Mobile App

Since there are different access levels that you can assign on a page, there are two types of editors. Let’s learn to add each using a Smartphone.

Add Editor with Facebook Access

Editors with Facebook access can manage the page within the Facebook app or its web version. They can also use external software like Meta Business Suite if they want.

Since they have Facebook access, they are eligible to look at and change the About section and a few settings.

For example, an editor with FB access to a page can check the account quality, edit the Intro section, comment as a page on FB, etc.

They can also add the WhatsApp button, link the YouTube channel, and many more.

So, add this editor to your page if you want someone to have maximum access only below the Admin.

Follow the step-by-step process below on your Mobile phone to add someone as an editor on your business page who has Facebook access.

Disclaimer: You must be an Admin or someone with full access to a page to make someone an editor.

1. First, open your account on the Facebook or LIte app and then go to your page account.

For this, tap the hamburger menu, then the flag icon from the shortcut menu, and then switch to your business.

2. Once on your business account, tap the hamburger menu from the upper right corner and press the gear icon from the top.

You can also select the “Settings” under “Settings & Privacy.”

3. Next, open the “page settings” option and scroll down to the “New pages experience” section.

4. After that, press the “Page access” option.

5. Now, tap the “Add newbutton next to the “People with Facebook access” heading.

6. Then, press “Next” on the info page and search for the username of the person you want to add as an editor to your business.

You can tap the account from the list once you find it.

7. Finally, press the “Give Access” button below and provide your Facebook password on the next screen.

Note: Remember, don’t turn on the “full control” option below since you only want an editor, not an Admin.

Once you press the “Confirmbutton after entering your password, that person will immediately receive an invitation.

So, ask your friend or member to accept the invitation. After they do that, your page will now have a new editor.

Add Editor with only Task Access

Sometimes, you may not be ready to allow your editor to make adjustments to your FB page account. In such a case, you can give them task access to prevent them from customizing the settings.

When you do this, that person can use the Meta business suite to manage and control your content, just like an editor. However, they won’t be able to alter your page settings and About section like before.

So, follow the steps below on your Smartphone to add an Editor with task access on your Facebook page.

1. First, open the page account on the Facebook app like before.

2. Next, go to Settings & Privacy >> Settings >> Page settings >> Page access.

3. Now, tap the “Add new” button next to the “People with task access” heading.

4. After that, tap “next” and then search and choose the username.

5. Then, turn on the task access for “Insights,” “Ads,” and “Content” from the list.

You can press the “Give Access” button after that.

6. Finally, provide a password and tap the “Confirm” button.

Now, once the person accepts your invitation, your page will have a task-based editor. They can publish, edit, and delete the post using Meta business suite software.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the instructions below on your computer or laptop to add an Editor to your Facebook page.

1. First, sign in to your Facebook account and click the profile icon from the top right corner.

2. Next, select “see all profiles” and choose your page account.

3. Once on your page, click the profile icon again and go to Settings & Privacy and then Settings.

4. After that, select the “New pages experience” option from the left panel.

5. Now, click the “Add new” button next to the “People with Facebook access” section.

Finally, search and select the account of your choice and provide a password after pressing the “Give access” button.

Once that person accepts your invitation, you will have a new editor on your business page.

Note: Don’t enable the full control option when giving access to that person.

6. To get an editor with only task access, you can press the “Add new” button next to the “People with task access” section.

Now, repeat the same steps and give all the access from the list (Content, Messages, Community activity, Ads, and Insights).

Once they accept your invitation, you will have a task-based editor on your page.

How to Change and Make an Editor to Admin

You can easily change and make an editor to an Admin of your page. But you must have full control to do this.

So, follow the steps below on your PC (Windows or Mac) to do this.

1. First, go to Settings >> Privacy >> New pages experience on your page account.

2. Now, click the three dots next to the username of a person who you want to make an Admin.

3. After that, choose the “change access level” option and press “next.”

4. Now, toggle on the “Allow this person to have full control” option from below.

5. After that, press the “Update access” button and provide your password.

6. Finally, press “Confirm,” and that person will become the Admin of your page immediately.

Note: You may need to transfer someone from Facebook access to the Task access section to make them Admin in some cases.

How to Remove Editor Role from Facebook Page

Only someone who is an Admin or with full control can kick out the editor on a Facebook page.

So, follow the instructions below on your Smartphone or PC to remove an editor on your FB page.

1. First, go to Settings >> Privacy >> New pages experience on your page account.

For the Mobile app, select the “page access” option.

2. Next, tap the three dots next to the username of your editor.

3. After that, select the “Remove from page” (Smartphone) or “Remove access” option (PC).

4. Finally, provide the password and press the “confirm” button.

That editor is now removed from your FB page immediately.

Can you be an Editor on a Facebook Page without an Account?

No, you can’t be an Editor on a Facebook page without an account. You must have a personal FB account to accept a page role.

According to Facebook, you can no longer give the business account access to the gray account anymore.

Can a Facebook Page Editor Add a New Admin?

No, an FB business page editor cannot add a new admin. They don’t have full control over it.

Only an Admin who has full control over a page can add or remove members, including Admin, editor, moderator, etc.

What is the Difference Between Admin and Editor?

The difference between an Admin and an editor is that the editor doesn’t have full control over that Facebook business profile.

This means editors can do anything on a page, like content management, moderation, reply to messages, and access to Ads and insights.

However, they don’t have access to change the core settings of a page and add or remove members like an Admin.


Why can’t I add an editor to my Facebook page?

You cannot add an editor to your Facebook page if you aren’t an Admin or have full control over it. You must also know your current password to do this.

How do I accept the Facebook page editor role? 

To accept an invitation to the page editor role, tap the bell icon from the top and open the notification. Now, press the “Review invitation” button and then select “Accept.”

If you don’t get a notification, click the “pages” and then the “invitations” option from the left panel and accept it afterward.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can quickly add an editor to the Facebook page if you are an Admin.

However, choose between Facebook access and tasks access features wisely. Don’t give permission unless you trust your member.

Overall, hope this covers every aspect of this subject. Let’s also learn to get a QR code for the Facebook page to facilitate easier sharing.

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