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7 Best Upwork Alternatives Freelance Website

Upwork is a well-known freelancing platform formed by the merging of two popular freelancing platforms: Elance and oDesk. It is considered to be the online site with the highest number of freelancers and employers. With Upwork, freelancers and businesses compete heavily for the best priced projects. Both parties offer rates to attract the finest projects and project makers. Here we have list 7 best Upwork alternatives freelance sites for both freelancer as well as company. Furthermore, Upwork ensures their user that they are protected from scams and frauds. This makes it a much reliable platform for freelancing. Moreover, the...

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20+ Ecommerce Product View UI Design Concept

When it comes to design an UI for the Ecommerce products, we can design the website and the UI for the users. As we know that, Ecommerce generally focuses on displaying their products via website and sale the product or just provide a service from the website. There may be a situation, when the user does not find the UI of the website that easy to use. Therefore, there must be a perfect UI for the products to display on the websites for the users. Hence, here we study about the 20+ Ecommerce Product View UI Design Concept. Talking...

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5 Bootstrap Fade Carousel Slider

We have heard about the sliders. Most of us often imagine image sliders that we see on many websites now a days. Yes, here also, we are talking about such image sliders. Only the difference being that, these sliders are slightly different from the normal slider we see on most of the web pages. Here we are talking about the Bootstrap Fade Carousel Slider. These sliders are the sliders that includes some kind of animations or some effects along with the image sliders. We often see an animation when we slide the image from one window to the other....

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7 Android Libraries Every Developer Should Know About

The popularity of android devices needs no introduction. According to a survey, Android devices occupy more than 86% of market share. Even after this immense popularity, it continues to expand more and more. There are some very popular and important android libraries every android programmer should know about them. There are many reasons behind such an immense popularity. Some of the major reasons are: features, cost, constant improvements and updates, huge developer community and many more. Not to mention, there are endless features in an android depending upon the hardware it has. An android user can easily download an...

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10 Best JavaScript Frameworks For 2018

JavaScript is the first choice of most of the developers and enterprises for their web development tasks. The only reason for this is the wide range of frameworks that are available for JavaScript. These JavaScript frameworks make it easier for the developers to handle web related tasks in the client machine. The frameworks have ready made code embedded in them for special operations. This saves much time and effort of the developers. Although there are many frameworks in JavaScript which can provide variety of advantages, but, there is always a specific framework which is best for a particular utility....

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