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10 Best jQuery Form Validation Plugins

jQuery Form Validation Plugins are the set of software that provides new features to the program. Form validation is essential in the form as the user can enter false values or no values at all. Every form is validated using javascript. jQuery is one of the libraries of javascript. It is easy to learn. The values entered by the user are checked whether it matches the data type which is used for the field of the form or not. Once the values are false or empty, the form validation gives an error message which is shown to the user...

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Full Screen Responsive Bootstrap Carousel Slider

The most paramount thing that struck your mind when it comes to creating the webpage is attraction. Attraction, in the first place itself plays a huge role in creating the best creation of your kind. Indeed in this world of graphical miracle, you need to be aware and consider this fact. When it comes to add the content, image, video slideshow to your website without any technical experience. When you think of adding carousel of sliders i.e., series of the contents that displays with slideshow, you would not hesitate using Bootstrap. Bootstrap carousel slider is slideshow, for cycling the...

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300+ Free Material Design Animated SVG Icons

As far as the material icons are concerned, they are beautifully crafted, which are attractive, delightful and infact easy to use in web and mobile projects too. While we aim on doing projects to do in internet we look for various things. It is equally important for you to include material icons whenever you need. Comparatively, Material design animated SVG icons are the one that lures the users in the first place itself. Scalable vector graphics material design icons are the vector format graphics that have two-dimensional graphics and also they have high interactivity. Similarly, we can give shapes...

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