Trying to see sold items on Facebook Marketplace is like peeping on the coins inside of your pocket. If you take it out with your hand, it’s easy, but if you try to bow down towards the pocket and see it, it’s complicated. What we meant to say is that you just need to follow the right steps.

And while doing so can take just a minimal effort, it also carries a huge importance. After you view your past and current sold items, you can analyze your sales rate and observe how well you’re improvising in this ever-emerging marketplace of Facebook.

Besides that, you can also relist them if you want to resell those sold products. Trust us, it can be a game changer for your business, so give it a shot already.

But if you don’t know how, you are in the perfect place. In this blog article, we’ll guide you on how to see sold items on Facebook Marketplace in the simplest way possible.

Also, learn to follow someone on FB Marketplace while at it.

Can you See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can see sold items on Facebook Marketplace, no matter if you’re using a mobile phone or computer. It’s as easy as contacting a seller on FB Marketplace.

But the only needed criteria for viewing sold items on this digital store is that you must create an FB Marketplace account and sell products from that particular account.

It’s because you can’t see the sold items if you haven’t sold them.

And yeah, viewing those items can be beneficial for you in various ways as a seller. Wondering how?

Well, viewing the sold items can help you examine your sales rate monthly or annually. With that, you can also analyze your gains or profits.

Besides that, examination and analyzation of your business make you a professional seller, hence, helping you to earn a good rating as you continue to sell your products.

What is the Most Sold Item on Facebook Marketplace?

There are a plethora of sold times on Facebook Marketplace as thousands of merchants sell their items every day.

But some products in this digital store have been the best-selling product otherwise known as most sold items.

Aren’t you curious to know what they are? If you are, let us show you the list of the most sold items on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Furniture
  2. Clothing
  3. Electronics
  4. Toys and games
  5. Pet supplies
  6. Home goods
  7. Sporting materials
  8. Instruments
  9. Collectibles

How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace?

View your sold items on FB Marketplace and see how your business emerges in this competitive world. A few clicks and you’ll get all of the items that you’ve sold since the start of your business journey.

In this section, we’ll guide you on how to see sold items on Facebook Marketplace using a smartphone(Android or iOS) and PC(Mac or Windows) so that you won’t have issues regarding the device.

On Mobile App

To see sold items on Facebook Marketplace using a mobile phone(Android or iPhone), go through the guidance below step-by-step:

1. First of all, log into your account after opening the Facebook application.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

3. Click on Marketplace under All Shortcuts. You can also enter the Marketplace by pressing the market icon beside notifications. But remember that it may not be accessible every time.

How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace

4. After that, Click on the profile icon beside the search icon. There, you can also find your listings and delete them.

5. Under the Selling section, tap on Your listings. There, you’ll see the entire listings. However, the sold items are only those that are mentioned as Sold right below the name of the product.

How to See Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace

6. But if you don’t find this process satisfying enough, you can Tap on All listings above the first item.

7. Lastly, tap on Sold & out of stock and you’ll be able to see every sold item.

So, it’s as simple as that for viewing a sold item, you just need to mark it as sold after selling it.

On Desktop Web App

To see sold items on Facebook Marketplace using a computer(Windows or Mac), go along with the below process step-by-step:

1. Open Facebook on a web browser and log into your account.

2. From the left side of your homepage, press on Marketplace below Friends. You can also enter the Marketplace by clicking on the market icon next to Video. However, it may not be available every time.

How to view sold items on Facebook's digital store

3. Tap on the Selling right below Buying. With that done, you can find each listing. But it’ll be hard for you to find the sold products if you have a lot of other active listings.

4. So tap on Status under the Filters section.

How to see sold items on Facebook Marketplace

5. After that, you’ll get five different options. From the available options, select Sold & out of stock.

With that done, you’ll get to observe every item that you’ve sold until now.

How to Remove Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace?

To remove sold items from Facebook Marketplace, you must mark them as sold. After you’ve done that, the items won’t be able to be purchased by anyone.

However, if you don’t even want to show that particular item as sold, you can delete its listing and poof! It’s gone just like that.

When you delete the listing, the sold items will no longer be seen by the buyers, no matter what.

How to Relist a Sold Item on Facebook Marketplace?

You need to relist items every once in a while on this digital store. Doing so helps you save a lot of time as you won’t have to go through the trouble of listing items time and again from the start.

For that, you need to enter the Marketplace using a mobile phone or Laptop first. Then, you need to press Selling below Buying.

Lastly, you need to tap on Your listings and click on Relist this item from the left side of Share available on the particular product. With that done, your sold item will be relisted for sale instantly.

How to See Recently Sold Items on Facebook Marketplace?

Among all the items that you’ve listed, you can find every item that you’ve put on sale or sold. Besides just that, you can also find those items based on when it was marked as sold. But how do you find it? No Clue?

We’ve got your back. You just need minimal effort if you want to see recently sold items; you just need to know how to view them.

After entering the Marketplace, you must find your listing and select the newest first under the Sort By section from Filters. With that done, you’ll see every recently sold item on FB Marketplace.

Is it Possible to See Sold Listings on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, it is possible to see sold listings on Facebook Marketplace. What’s more fascinating is that you can view it quickly with relative ease.

Not only yours, but you can also see the new and old sold listings of other merchants on Facebook Marketplace.

Besides just that, you can also view available listings of your own and other sellers.


Can I search for sold items on Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can search for sold items on Facebook Marketplace. No matter if it’s your own or another person’s sold product, you have access to view it with relative ease.

How can I find sold listings on Facebook Marketplace?

You can find sold listings on the Facebook marketplace with the filters feature available on listings; you just need to select Sold & out of stock instead of other options.

Can I hide sold items on Facebook Marketplace?

No, you cannot hide sold items on Facebook Marketplace. Indeed, you can hide some items from your Facebook friends but no, you can not hide it from everyone.

How do I archive sold items on Facebook Marketplace?

You cannot archive sold items on Facebook Marketplace. Indeed, it was possible to hide it before, but now, it’s not.

Wrapping up

In the end, you can see sold items on FB Marketplace. It’s not that complex compared to renewing a listing and deleting searches in this digital store.

And that’s not the best part of it. Rather, you being able to view other’s sold items besides yours is the best part.

Moreover, you can remove or relist those sold items anytime you want. Not only that, but you can also see the newest and oldest sold items.

We hope our guidance was helpful to you. If you’re interested, also learn to find drafts on Facebook Marketplace.

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