Facebook Marketplace is very popular nowadays due to its obvious benefits. Due to its local listing and easier access, anyone can sell and buy anything online. Likewise, you can also sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace if you want.

As you know, Facebook has three listing options: Items, Vehicles, and Properties. And you can sell the cars in the vehicles categories.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you need to be a new car dealer to do this. You can sell your old car or be a middleman for the real dealer and earn commissions.

Furthermore, you can also rent your car for a few bucks if you are okay with some risks.

Anyway, this article will discuss how to sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace and a few valuable tips. Meanwhile, let’s also learn to see your rating on the Facebook Marketplace if interested.

Can you Sell a Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can easily sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace by listing it from your Smartphone or a PC (Windows or Mac).

Besides cars, FB Marketplace also allows you to sell a house, properties, and any items.

You can also place your cars on a rent basis. However, since there is no buyer and seller protection on this platform, you must bear all the risk.

Of course, it also comes with your own benefits since there is almost no extra cost involved.

There is no need to pay anything to the platform or any middleman. Just show your vehicle online, negotiate with the buyer, and sell it directly. Well, you also need to have good bargaining and persuasion skills.

Additionally, selling cars on the Marketplace requires good quality pictures, descriptions, and brand warranty. You can also add videos if this feature is available.

Overall, it is possible to advertise a car on the Facebook Marketplace. However, how you convince your buyers to purchase or rent your vehicles depends on your strategy.

Is Facebook Marketplace a Good Place to Sell Cars?

Whether the Facebook Marketplace is a good place to sell cars is controversial. It entirely depends on your situation, strategy, business form, and other details.

The pros of FB Marketplace for selling cars lie in large, local, and targeted audiences, free platforms, easier communication methods, social verification (with their FB account), etc.

The cons of FB Marketplace for selling cars lie in limited features, less security, a competitive market, high scams, fraud, no support, etc.

If you are looking for a free platform with fewer restrictions but large audiences to sell your cars, FB Marketplace is best for you.

However, you won’t find the necessary features, security, and support when dealing with such large products.

Hence, ultimately, it depends on how much risk and time you can give to this. Maybe this platform is best for you if it fits your situation. After all, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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How to Sell a Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

To sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace, you need to do three easy steps: List your car, make a deal with the buyer, and deliver the vehicle.

All these steps you can easily do using your Smartphone or PC (Windows or Mac) in your free time without going anywhere.

So, let’s learn to sell a car on this platform using the Mobile app and desktop web app below.

On Mobile App

Follow the step-by-step below on your Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device to sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, log in to the Facebook or Lite app using your credentials on your Mobile phone.

2. Next, hit the hotdog menu on the homepage and open your Marketplace account.

For this, just select the “Marketplace” icon from the shortcuts.

3. After that, tap the “Sellbutton right next to the “Categories.”

4. Then, choose the “Vehiclesoption from the menu since you are selling a car.

5. Now, you need to add photos, titles, prices, and all the other necessary descriptions.

Remember to add excellent-quality images of your cars. Since you can add up to 10 pictures, you should add them from all angles. Also, include a short clip if this feature is available.

Likewise, select a category from the menu. It will automatically show as “Vehicles;” however, you can further narrow it down.

Furthermore, you can also change the price to a lower range to get the discount effect. Don’t forget to add tags to rank higher in SEO.

Overall, take your time describing your vehicles better. Remember, whether a buyer places an order or not mainly depends on your strategy.

6. After doing all this, press the “Nextbutton from the upper right corner of your screen.

7. Now, you can share your listing with any other Groups if you want.

8. Finally, press the “Publishbutton from your lower right corner, and you are done.

Your job is now done for now. So, wait for the buyers to contact you via messenger. Do your negotiation of price and delivery and complete your transaction.

On Desktop Web App

Follow the process below on your computer or laptop to sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace.

1. First, open the Marketplace page by clicking its icon at the left panel after opening your account on the desktop web browser.

2. Next, press the “Create new listing” button on the left panel of your screen.

3. After that, choose the “Vehicles for sale” box from the right side.

4. Then, fill in all the details about your car on your left side.

These include vehicle type, photos, location, year, model, price, body styles, titles, condition, fuel type, transmission, description, etc. Don’t exclude any of this as much as you can.

5. Next, press the “Nextbutton from the lower left side and choose Groups to share the post if necessary.

6. Finally, click the “Publishbutton at the bottom left corner, and you are done.

Your listing is now published on the FB Marketplace. All you need to do is wait for a buyer to message you. After that, make a deal, negotiate as you want, and sell your product.

Is it Safe to Sell a Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

The safety of selling a car on the Facebook Marketplace depends entirely on how you operate your business.

Of course, compared to other dedicated e-commerce platforms, this has more risk. However, it is equally a good opportunity, especially for an individual retailer, entrepreneur, and startup low-cost business.

For better safety, verify the buyer, don’t give your phone number and personal details unnecessarily, set clear payment terms, transfer ownership properly with a legal contract, report suspicious activity, etc.

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

Generally, it takes from a few days to weeks on the Facebook Marketplace to get an interested buyer. Now, depending on your car’s condition, model, and price, it may or may not get sold.

How long you need to sell a car depends on the market demand for that model, condition, price, season, your response, marketing and negotiation skills, and good timings.

In short, you will sell it faster once you gain good experience and make a better strategy.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell a Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

Currently, selling a car on the Facebook Marketplace costs nothing. It is free to list your car, and there is no extra charge in the process.

So, the cost depends entirely on you. If you want to give no commission to other people, you can also choose to make a deal yourself.

Can you Sell Car Seats on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can sell car seats on the Facebook Marketplace.
For this, fix the category to “car parts” or “car seats” and list your product accordingly.

Also, please follow the local laws and regulations accordingly when selling online. Some countries may need some requirements when selling such stuff.

Tips for Selling a Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

Besides listing your car, there are many things you must consider to sell better. So, follow the tips below appropriately and make a good strategy.

  • Create a detailed listing on the Marketplace with true information.
  • Use high-quality photos and clips.
  • Write important notices and info in the Description section.
  • Set price according to competition, market demand, and season.
  • Verify the buyer’s identity. You can simply check the FB ID for this.
  • Select a safe location if there is a meetup plan.
  • Set planned and clear terms.
  • Correctly complete all the legal paperwork.
  • Share your listing with other places, and don’t depend on one platform.
  • Be quick and polite.

Overall, consider risk and make a good marketing strategy to up your sale of cars.

Can you Sell a Used Car on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can sell a used car on the Facebook Marketplace. In fact, this feature is what attracts sellers to this platform.

Just make a listing with a proper category, condition, and tags. Explicitly mention the condition of your car in the description and set a reasonable price.

Finally, make dealing with the buyer (meet at a public place if necessary) and complete your transaction with a proper contract.


Why can’t I sell my car on the Facebook Marketplace?

You may not sell your car or make a listing on the Facebook Marketplace due to technical glitches, violation of guidelines, etc. If this issue is after listing, then you may need to change your strategy with good research.

How can I sell a car fast on Facebook?

To sell a car quickly on Facebook, create an eye-catching listing with high-quality photos, a competitive price, and detailed information, respond quickly to inquiries, and be ready to negotiate and meet with potential buyers as soon as possible.

Can I safely sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, you can safely sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace as long as you maintain a good strategy. Just be cautious and don’t neglect the payment methods.

Are there any rules for selling cars on the Facebook Marketplace?

Yes, there are rules for selling cars on the Facebook Marketplace. It includes providing accurate information, not engaging in prohibited actions such as selling illegal or recalled vehicles and adhering to local vehicle sales laws and regulations.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to sell a car on the Facebook Marketplace. All you need to do is make a listing using your Smartphone or a PC and wait for the buyer to place an order.

However, whether you can do successful deals depends entirely on you and your strategy.

So, don’t relax and do your research. While at it, let’s also learn a few more Facebook Marketplace tips.

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